Warts (4 testimonials)


My son was suffering from Warts on his fingers for 1 year which led to molluscum on his lips. The dentist wouldn’t see him because of it being highly contagious. It looked like he had herpes. I took him to the dermatologist which that put some cream on him and said he had to wait to see if his body would respond with a bump, then I would have to call them to get the meds when this happens. Not to mention it could take months. This was it I started researching and came across this, this spray took about 1 month and a half. NO MORE Warts or Molluscum. This is worth it.

RMK. Amazon US. 20 March, 2020

Kills warts. I don't know why it works, but it does.

I originally purchased this cream to treat my toddler's persistent molloscum, which did eventually go away. A surprising side effect was that a couple of warts I had on my fingers also disappeared. So I tried it on a plantar wart I'd had on my foot for years, and it shrank and then disappeared. Since then I've successfully used this cream to treat warts on various family members. (For one particularly huge one, I alternated this with an OTC salicylic acid treatment, and then it finally fell off.) Conclusion: Pricey, but totally worth it.

K.G. USA. Amazon Customer  01  February, 2018

I was searching your website to see if the wheatgrass cream is helpful on plantar warts...I found no testimonies but after it had cured my sons molluscum I thought I’d give it a shot on his plantar wart.  He is 6 years old and we applied it daily with a cotton tip and covered the plantar wart with a bandaid.  Within 3 weeks the plantar wart was big and red and angry and bleeding, week 4 it scabbed up, week 5 it simply fell off to reveal healthy skin underneath...there is a bit of a dent where the wart was but we will continue to apply it every day for another 2 weeks to make sure the virus is definitely gone...I will write again to confirm if we have cured this for good using your amazing product but so far, so good...my son’s plantar wart was on the end of his toe and was causing him great discomfort at school when he was running as it would hit the end of his shoe.  It no longer hurts at all and the good news is...other natural remedies ie. Apple cider vinegar, or burning/freezing are extremely painful – my son’s wart was less painful once we began using your remedy...thanks again...a very happy mum who’s facebook profile is now recommending Dr Wheatgrass cream to everyone...you’d better get ready for some mass production...the shops won’t be able to keep your stock up once people hear the news that it also cures plantar warts.

J. B. Queensland. Australia. 24 June, 2010

I wrote you back in June with a success story concerning using Dr Wheatgrass cream to cure my 6 year old son's plantar wart. I just wanted to let you know that we did continue to use the cream for around 1 week after the wart had fallen off and here we are, 2 months later and his toe (where the plantar wart had been) looks perfectly healthy, the dent is gone, you would never know he'd ever even had the plantar wart. Thanks again!

J. B. Queensland. Australia. 4 August, 2010

Please note: My experience of treating warts with wheatgrass is pretty much the same as many of the other remedies I have used over the years i.e. unpredictable. Wheatgrass extract though is well worth a try. Apply a little once a week and persevere. Don't over treat.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.