Vaginal disorders (2 testimonials)

The spray worked great for the thrush, and the Superbalm did wonders for my daughters lichen sclerosis! It flares up every once in a while, but as long as we put the balm on it, it goes right away.

K. L. Australia. 30 May 2014

Hi i wanted to send you my account of the recovery cream because i thought it might help others.

A few months ago i developed a vaginal fissure, which was troublesome rather than painful. i did a lot of research on the net and found out that it was quite a common condition with no real cure - which was slightly depressing. I then found out that people with anal fissures had reported that wheatgrrass recovery cream worked wonders. Literally I'd say within 3 days of using it the fissure completely cleared, quite miraculous, and it has prompted me to try the shots now for my immune system.

B. S. London. UK. 1 November, 2008

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