Thalassemia (5 testimonials)

My 3 year old son S. started super shots on 15th august 2015, 2.5 ml a  day. Its almost six month he is taking it. Their is improvement in his health. His ferritin level is under control. Transfusion is required but he is more active and jovial. He is now 3yrs 10 month old. Thank you so much. I pray to almighty to shower his blessing on you.

L. D. Bhubaneswar. Orissa. India. 18 February, 2016

Please note: These articles show that wheatgrass is a natural chelating agent that can help reduce serum ferritin and iron levels.

Hello Dr Chris... I am a 40 year old with beta Thal major. Just some info I thought I share with you. I read online that wheatgrass juice can help thals with Hb levels. So for the last couple of weeks I been having a fresh wheatgrass shot from boost juice about 4-5 times a week after my lunch. My Hb averages about 102 before my monthly blood transfusion and they give me 3 units of blood (Sometimes they give me 4 when my Hb is on the lower side). When I went in for my transfusion last week I was shocked – I only had to have 2 units as my Hb was 113 (I didn’t expect to see a difference so early!!!). I basically almost never have a Hb good enough for only 2 units. I’m going to continue with the wheatgrass shots and see how it goes (maybe it was a fluke???) – I actually quite like the taste. anyway, thought I’d share this with you. ciao, Danny

D. S. Australia. 8 August, 2015

Can you urgently advise where in Sydney I can buy the Supershots from as my daughter has thalassemia and we have been relying on these for the past year. Thank you on producing a
great product which is keeping my little girls Haemaglobin up and along with her energy levels. I really think it has been working wonders, her haemaglobin was at 61 in September last year and now it has increased to 75. We definately think it's because of the wheatgrass and we know she will be taking them for the rest of her life. (She is now 1 1/2 years old)

S. T. NSW. Australia. 18 March, 2010

Dear Doctor, I am using Wheatgrass Supershot for my son, who is Thalassemia Intermediate. I wish to thank you for your efforts and hard work towards making life healthy of people. I would specially like to thankyou for my sons well being because being a Thal Intermediate patient he is fine and active and transfusion independent (touch wood) because of the Wheatgrass Supershots. He started Wheatgrass Supershot at the age of 4 and now he is 6 yrs.

Also I wish to thankyou for my relative S. B. who is a MS (multiple sclerosis) patient and is on trial of Wheatgrass Supershots is also showing good improvements after consuming Wheatgrass Supershots.

A. M. India. November, 2007

I am a Thalassaemia patient and have been taking wheatgrass Supershots since February, 2005. Since then I have seen a big improvement with my haemoglobin therefore receiving less units of blood as I am transfused every 3 weeks. My haemoglobin would be 105 on average and I would receive 3 units of blood or 4 units if I was less than 105. Now my haemoglobin is 112-115 more often and therefore I receive 2 units if I’m more than 110, which is a big PLUS for me!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your great work with developing the wheatgrass Supershots and to let you know it has certainly made a huge difference for me.

Yours sincerely.

E. T. Australia.

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