Tattoo healing (3 testimonials)

Amazing for tattoos

I bleed a lot during tattoos and this helps close up capillaries to reduce bleeding. It’s a life saver!

C.B. Amazon US. 14 April 2020

My son has been using DrWheatgrass for his tattoo this tattoo starts on his forearm & so far has reached up his neck  He just keeps adding more & more over the past few months. DrWheatgrass helps to heal it.

My daughter has just had a baby daughter it was getting nappy rash my son gave her his DrWheatgrass & there is no more nappy rash works better & faster than all the baby creams you can get.

J. W. South Africa. 18 December, 2013

A month ago I decided to get a tattoo. I have had 3 done before and while I found getting them was quite fun the healing seemed to be the worst part.

I had started using wheatgrass cream for the odd cuts and scrapes but it wasn't until my dad suggested using as a healing cream for the tattoo that I realised what amazing stuff this cream is.

I got the tattoo done on my foot which as I was told by the tattoo artists that one of the most painful places to get them I immediately raced home and slathered the cream all over the tattooed area.

It was throbbing badly and bleeding a bit and I was worried about the pain keeping me up, but after an hour of having my foot wrapped in Glad Wrap to make sure that the cream didn't wipe off I found the pain started to dissipate and the next morning the pain was completely gone. I was in shock I couldn't believe that one cream could help me so much.

I was worried about infection but after two weeks of pain free and infection free the one tattoo was completely healed. I was advised 6 weeks by the tattooist but in two weeks I was ready for another one.

G. M. Australia. 30 September, 2010