Stroke & stroke-related conditions (11 testimonials)

Excellent product. It helps the stiffness on my husbands left side paralyzed by stroke.

Mary. Hawaii. 25 September, 2018 Thanks to Amazon

August last year (2016) my stroke. It was 6 hours before my husband found me & called the ambulance. I was rushed to Ipswich hospital were they could not do anything for 72 hours because they couldn't treat the heart attack or the stoke without damaging one the other.

After 4 months in hospital I was discharged with a program of physio for home. I had a bad fall in December but that didn't deter me. I felt I was getting better & better each day. Without my A.F.O. I couldn't but I dreamed of the day when I could use my right arm & my right leg & talk so everyone could understand me!

Then after progressing so far, I had another fall in March. This was not as bad as the first, but it did more damage, I totally lost my confidence. Feeling I was going backwards, depression set in. I stopped my physio to have a break, but this didn't help.

Then, last week (11th September 2017), I received a text from a friend at Caloundra Queensland (Helen).  She sent me a link about Dr Chris Reynolds & the Wheatgrass cream. By the end of the week my superbalm had arrived. My husband applied the cream Thursday night 14-9-2017 to my right arm & leg only. Before half an hour had I giggling & my husband said I was talking more clearly.  We applied every second day. By the 3rd application I found I was walking much better, full of confidence & happy. (A side effect that I was much delighted with) after the first application, I noticed that a rash I'd had for 8 months, started clearing up!

I look forward to my future now with optimism now. Thank you Doctor Reynolds.

J. M. Queensland. Australia. 22 September, 2017

I bought the superbalm last week and started using it on my left ankle, left knee and behind the knee and left hand. i had a stroke in 2001 and have severe spasticity on the left side so far my muscles don't feel as tight and im not in a constant state of stiffness. i usually kick my left leg out all the time after i started this i can keep it bent for a long time and its less stiff. my left hand was always hard to open even if assisted by my other hand or someone else now it opens easier.

G. L USA 18 September, 2017

It works! It works!

I'm a stroke survivor with really bad muscle tone on my affected side. I had seen videos that seemed to relax the tone, enabling greater movement and hoped that it might help. It has relieved a good deal of the problem and learning where exactly to apply it for best results increases my mobility and allows me to enjoy life quite a bit more.

M. R. 14 February, 2017  Thanks to Amazon

Improved flexibility

Bought this for a relative in Africa that suffered stroke, she reported that it really helped with her joint pain also improved flexibility. I Also bought her some joint suplement like glucosamine to use with it. Wished I could afford to buy more for her. Forevermore.

Amazon UK. 08 September 2016

I ordered Wheatgrass Superbalm in an effort to relax the muscles of a six year old stroke victim I am working with. Within minutes of working the Superbalm into her shoulder, arm, hand and fingers there was a significant lessening of tension in her muscles. Her left arm was able to extend as far back as her right without pain and we were able to straighten her arm with ease. Before doing any stretches or exercises we apply Superbalm. As a result the strength in her muscles is slowly increasing. Fingers that were once tightly fisted are now able to lift small cubes of foam with oversized tweezers. While this is in conjunction with physical therapy had already given improvement, I believe the Superbalm has aided the momentum of improvement and the efficacy of treatment. I am not a doctor, just someone who cares for her. These are my nonprofessional observations.

G. O. USA 9 August, 2016 Thanks to Amazon

Question: Has anyone used this for stiff limbs caused by a stroke?

Answer: game changer for me a 2nd year stroke survivor!!!...freed up my clenched hand and arm..along with my lower leg/ankle/foot..helped wtih my tone tight tendons & ligaments..does nothing for weak sore msucles... still need to work with physical therapy to fix those weakend areas.. this helped me a ton note: I applied at bedtime.. next morning my fingers loose and open!.. stayed loose all day! love this stuff!

DAVE G. 6 November, 2016 Thanks to Amazon Q & A 

Product works relieved my pain in shoulder from a stroke.

SV. USA. 15 August, 2016

It is blowing my mind with amazing results. I am recovering from a stroke that I had 2 years ago. The shots are energizing and the cream is awesome. I am now weight training.  This product has increased my energy and muscle mass. I will reorder this product.  Had swelling in my ankle from poor circulation. Gone away in one day.

Hytek.  USA  25 March, 2016 Thanks to Amazon

Thanks to Amazon Works well on my post stroke cramps and spasms. Just wish the relief would last longer.

Marka. 7 September, 2015  Thanks to Amazon

Wheatgrass Wonder!
If you suffer from muscle stiffness this is the product! I am a post stroke survivor and wish I had unlimited supply also wish they had a product to soak your stiff joints in.

Conrad. T. 17 May, 2015  Thanks to Amazon