Sinusitis (3 testimonials)

I had been to many dr s and 2 specialists about my sinus problem that had been bothering me for over a year. I cannot believe that after all the antibiotics that did not help that dr wheatgrass recovery spray worked instantly when I put 3 drops into each nostril. I continue to use it everyday and I feel I am improving all the time. I will try this product first everytime and will recommend it to everyone.

H. R. Queensland, Australia. 12 June, 2012

I’ve suffered long-term chronic sinusitis, which has failed to respond to repeated treatments of traditional antibiotics, steroids etc. After just 2 weeks of administering the wheatgrass spray into my nose, I’ve experienced a significant improvement in my condition – with no nasty side-effects!

M. D. Melbourne, Australia. 2 February, 2009

I used your product (spray) for 6 weeks for my sinusitis the last friday I received the X-RAY and my sinusitis disappeared practically. Your product is fantastic.

A. G.
Venezuela. May, 2005