Plantar fasciitis (4 testimonials)

Thank you Dr Wheatgrass for your fantastic products, I could not live without them ! I first began to use the cream on my feet for plantar fasciitis as a recommendation from my neighbour . He had participated in a clinical trial  for plantar fasciitis and couldn’t stop raving about how much it worked miracles. I have been using your products for over 5 years now and will never stop.

O. H. Melbourne, Australia. 31 August, 2020

I just had to write and thank you personally for your Wheatgrass Cream. I've suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for over 3 years without any relief, from a variety of treatments, until I began using the cream. I applied it twice a day and noticed a reduction of my foot pain within a week.

Currently I'm pain free. I can't begin to tell you how excited and happy I am with your product. It's allowed me to get on with my life and do things outdoors with my family again, because walking is no longer painful for me. I will never be without your Wheatgrass Cream.

It's a staple in our home.

Thanks again,

Mary C. Mo. USA

Dr. Chris,

The Superbalm worked right up to the end. A friend emailed me in October a week before the NYC Marathon to say she was devastated that she had trained but could not run because she came down with a sudden, severe case of Plantar Fasciatis.  I express mailed my last half tube of Superbalm to her, she used it for three days, and ran the race with no problem.
I had severe PF in 2001, and it went away in a week with Superbalm and never came back.   My wife and kids had other similar remarkable recoveries. I'll order some tubes and sachets now. I want the sachets because I give the stuff away so often to others.

M. M. USA. 12 May, 2009

This stuff is great! I have had 95% relief from plantar fasciitis and 100% relief from anal fissure - two long standing problems that the doctors had given up on treating short of surgery. I tell everyone about the Wheatgrass Cream. My Mother is using it for residual problems with shingles and my Aunt is trying it for her sciatic nerve. Thank you, thank you.

D. M. Ma. USA.