Mouth ulcers, painful gums/gingivitis (3 testimonials)

Wheatgrass extract works well for painful gums (gingivitis).
Severe gingivitis. A problem wheatgrass extract can fix for you by putting two or three drops in your mouth once a day.

I want to thank you for providing these products. After my dentist told me that my gums had receded due to over-brushing with an electric toothbrush, the daily shots have rejuvenated gum growth and I have the healthiest gums ever! I wish you could make a product that got rid of wrinkles!! Thank you. Sue

S. D. Australia. 5 December, 2023

I get mouth ulcers (blisters)! Harmless but can be really painful when it first surfaces. Usually it takes about 5 days to subside without any medication or bonjella. However with wheatgrass spray, the pain is reduced immediately and ulcer disappears by the 3rd day.

T.S. Australia. 21 January, 2019

Hi Dr Chris, My father 85 y.o was complaining about his new denture that is not fitting perfectly and causing pain in some part of gum area. The pain was bothering him for 2 days and he said ” I am going to take anti-biotics to kill the pain!” I had to stop him as he is taking so many other medicines and not good for him to do that. I gave him 5ml of Dr wheatgrass Supershots and told him to keep it in his mouth for 2-3 mins. He was skeptical but I was confident it will help. After 10 mins or so he turn around really surprised that the pain was gone!! He believes in wheatgrass healing now. After this happened he started to use wheatgrass cream on his aged spots on his legs and arms.┬áNot all of them but some of them turned flat and less visible. He has so many aged┬áspots that even some get better I am happy.

Dr Wheatgrass product is so safe for aged skin and I believe taking wheatgrass orally will help his health.

Thank you.

Y.K. Australia. 14 June, 2018