Multiple sclerosis (5 testimonials)

Here is a detailed letter/update as to my condition and what I hope Wheatgrass will assist me with.

History: I have been diagnosed with MS since 2001 at the age of 19. I have regularly experienced the follwing symptoms:

Extreme Fatigue
Lack of feeling (mainly in my hands and arms resulting in me sustaining some serious burns to my hands and arms)
Loss of vision
Speech impediment
No balance – resulting in constant falls
No coordination.

Of all these symptoms the first two is what I struggle with the most. I am being treated with immunotherapy’s that are common for MS over the past 6 years I have been on Betafuron, Avonex, Copaxone all with no improvement. Deterioration is very evident at this stage. My Neurologist is in consultation with another neurologist in the city as to where to proceed with my case. There has been talk of putting me on Tysabri – New drug from America that is said to have amazing results. The only hitch is it is really expensive - $30,000 a year for a min of 2 years.

A friend told me about wheatgrass and I thought I would have a look and thus start my conversations with you. I started oral wheatgrass extract in July and have been taking 10ml a day. I know I am taking more that the recommended amount however I was still dealing with an exacerbation that started in December but had not yet abated so I was desperate.

Here is what I have noticed so far.

1. The first 2 – 3 weeks I noticed no change in regaining sensation in my hands so I was a little disappointed – but I don’t believe in quick fixes and I noticed other changes.

2. My hair was growing at a quicker rate and my nails were growing quite quickly as well, still no change in energy levels or sensation.

3. 4 – 6 weeks later I noticed that my hair was growing at such a fast rate that I need to get hair cuts every 4 weeks now opposed to my every 6 – 8 weeks. Even the hair dresser made a comment about the rate that my hair was growing at.

4. Finally a break through in the sensation in my hands. The feeling has returned back to normal (I burnt my self the other day and felt it!!! – YAY!) (This is my kind of normal which is return of sensation of major feeling but an ever present “Buzzing” in the background)

5. I am ok in my energy, still very tired, but a little better. As any person with MS will tell you the winter months are fantastic due to the cooler wether, but it is the summer months that are the real test.

6. Well, end of August and early September have been really quite hot considering it is supposed to be spring! I did go out side for a while last Saturday 1st of September. I have to admit that I was really tired and had to go back inside and have a sleep. I am hoping that prolonged use of this will build up in my system helping me in summer months. If nothing else I am SO happy with the improvement in sensation, and my hair and nails look GREAT! My skin is still really sore but I have much hope that will change soon. Thank you so much for all of your help and I will keep you posted. Thanks Again.
Kind Regards and Much Hope

A. M. New South Wales. 7 September, 2007

I have now completed two months of oral wheatgrass extract to see if the wheatgrass would be beneficial to my Multiple Sclerosis. I have noticed two major changes.

Firstly, I am astounded by how much energy I now have. I started to notice the change after about 3.5 weeks of taking wheatgrass, and my energy levels continue to increase. I am truly amazed; I was very sceptical when I began the 2 months course, as over the years I have tried many dietary supplements, a variety of different juices, and many other alternate & conventional medicines.  I am so grateful as this has made such a difference to the lifestyle of myself & my family.

The other benefit to me is that I had suffered from constipation for many years as a result of medication and being rather sedentary since being diagnosed with MS. The constipation started to improve very soon after commencing the first wheatgrass extract, and I am now very 'regular' & the bloating has gone.

I am continuing to take wheatgrass as I'm thrilled with these results & hope to see future improvements as dealing daily with MS can be such a battle. Thank you Dr Chris.

L. Z. New South Wales. 27 February, 2008

I started using the wheatgrass originally a few months ago, just on my face, as a moisturiser for my very dry skin (a result of medication I take for Multiple Sclerosis & thyroid replacement). Coincidentally I found the cream to be amazing for the relief of the neuralgia I have suffered for a very long time on the left side of my face from under my eye to my jaw. I was taking medication for the neuralgia & have now stopped. I was delighted that what I believed to be a moisturiser gave me such relief from neuralgia. I will be most definitely mentioning it next time I attend my MS support group, even though a lot are sceptical about supposedly non-conventional medicines.

L. Z. New South Wales. 12 June, 2008

From an MS patient's Carer: She has taken the Supershots once a day now and has settled down as far as not being able to sleep at night. She says that she now sleeps well and it doesn’t make a difference at what time she takes them. She does say however, that should she miss a dose, that her energy levels deplete very quickly.

I. S. South Africa. 30 April, 2008

After taken my first shot of wheatgrass on empty stomach I noticed during driving early morning to work that I was very energetic, singing but I did not drink a cup of coffee that morning. The World around me was different, better and no doubt I was in good mood. Today, I got rid of many symptoms of MS, thanks to wheatgrass, magnesium, fish oil and much better diet.

R. K. USA. 26 October, 2012

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