Lichen sclerosis and planus (7 testimonials)

I have used both (Shots & cream) these products for about two years for lichen sclerosus. I highly recommend both.

Cdg 18 July, 2016 Thanks to Amazon

The spray worked great for the thrush, and the superbalm did wonders four daughters lichen sclerosus! It flares up every once in a while, but as long as we put the balm on it, it goes right away.

K. L. Australia. 30 May 2014

I had a skin disorder called lichen planus for 4 years on my arms.nothing the doctors gave me worked.your skin recovery cream has totaly got rid of it within 2 weeks! thankyou so much!

N. C. Finland. 5 April, 2013

I purchased a bottle of your Superbalm at a health food store in Caloundra today. I suffer from Lichen Planus and since this afternoon have been applying small amounts to my tongue which was very inflamed and sore. The results have been amazing in a such a short time. I am also using the balm on my itchy skin and have experienced instant results. I am thrilled that I have discovered this product.

R. S. Queensland. Australia. 29 November, 2012

Hi Dr Chris, I finally tried your wheatgrass cream for my lichen sclerosus. I thought it would be easier to apply than the spray. So far it seems to have helped with the burning and itch.

D. K. USA. 11 March, 2010

I am glad I listened to your advice and stuck with the wheatgrass cream.  My vaginal area is looking so much better and I can  actually walk without looking like I have a "load" between my legs.  At night I can actually sleep.  However, it is not over by a long shot.  I still can't wear underwear or pants and can't do any kind of leg exercises as that rubbing seems to really irritate the problem.
Generally, I put some lotion on after a shower and found this is good all day (just as you said).  It still stings but I can put up with that.

M. B. USA. 7 March, 2010

I recently got wheatgrass cream from Australia. I find if I put this on a few nights a week the white spots disappear too and the skin heals. This stuff is amazing you can heal cuts and burns very quickly with it with generally no scarring. I also found that salt water baths help and Aloe Vera gel helps soothe, and tea tree oil ointment takes away itchiness.

Colleen, Brunswick, NJ, USA on

29 March, 2009