Idiopathic short stature (1 testimonial)

Idiopathic Short Stature (ISS)

I wonder if the ‘growth factor’ that you mentioned about your formulation of the Wheatgrass SuperShot supplement helps children to grow taller. Our daughter, S, the second child of six children, appears to have stunted growth. At 14 years of age, S is shorter and much less developed physically than her younger sisters R (13 years old) and T (11 years old). I started S on the Wheatgrass Supershot, two shots daily and into the 2nd-3rd month, her school friends started to notice her growth and asked what she was taking, to which she proudly answered “Wheatgrass SuperShot”. ( Prior to wheatgrass, I have tried others…Coral Calcium and Wakame Spirulina and lots of Vitamin C…nothing seems to trigger growth like the Supershot). Her friends with small frame built began placing orders for the Supershot supplements. We like to know is there any medical or nutritional evidence that Wheatgrass Supershot does help kids grow taller? While I do NOT know if its ‘growth factor’ helps spurt kid’s growth, I do know that your Wheatgrass Supershot is very good for promoting healthy haemoglobin in red blood cells. It could well be that this benefit had corrected anemia (a possible condition linked to stunted growth) which may be a root problem for S since she is a fussy eater and she eats little meat compared to her siblings.

J. Y. Singapore. 1 August, 2007

Comment from Dr. Chris Reynolds

This is a very interesting report. It has been shown that barley grass extract increases growth hormone production in laboratory animals (in vitro study – see here¬†for abstract). It appears all the cereal grasses have similar therapeutic properties. Of course we can’t extrapolate directly from rat experiments to humans, but I believe this could most likely explain much of the broad spectrum of biological activity derived from the cereal grasses.