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Very effective!

Effective remedy for various types of skin issues: Itching, sores, scratches, cuts, anal fissures, hemorrhoid, etc. Contains alcohol so there is the potential for a slight burning sensation.

K.L. USA 14 September, 2021

Dear Dr Chris I have successfully used the recovery cream for anal fissures and it works great..my daughter didn't believe me till I made her apply it to her hemorrhoids and it gave her great relief she is still using it. I bought your wheatgrass spray and that helped wonders for my mum when she had shingles so I truly love your products..
Many thanks

R. G. Australia. 02 February, 2020

Wow this stuff is amazing. And a little goes a long way. If you have ever had hemorrhoids or a fissure this is the stuff that actually works. Applying this to a hemorrhoid that is swollen and a bit hard, will soften it instantly. I am sure you will not believe what I am saying here, if you have had these issues and tried everything, its hard to believe anything would actually work..., and if that is the case, all I can say is I'm sorry you didn't try this stuff...Because I've been there with the discomfort and the depression...its not that expensive and you will be surprised.

D.B.H. Amazon USA. 12 May, 2019

Awesome product! It has worked great for those pregnancy hemorrhoids you get. Also works well for 9 yr old sons rash on legs!!

Amazon Customer USA 26 May, 2017

This is the only stuff that works for fissures and hemorrhoids!!!! Do not waste your money on any other product! I mean this...I went through everything and I found this stuff. With in a few days of using my issues went away. Amazing stuff.

S.S.  USA 13 April, 2017

This cream is the best thing for hemorrhoids I have found. Works great everytime.

Dadeing USA 11 April, 2017

Thanks to Amazon

Hemorrhoid surgery
I had a horrible surgery. I wasn't healing for 4 months. I was ready to commit suicide...I
couldn't tolerate living in this much pain anymore! I learned that fissures and a cut from
hemorrhoid surgery is about the same thing. In 3 days of putting this cream up there, the
pain was cut in half and tolerable! This is amazing stuff and I can't recommend it
enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish the sellers and makers would recommend this for
healing from hemorrhoid surgery on your website so people like me will find you sooner
than 4 months...it took me a long time to find you and people having this surgery are
suffering...please update your website...at least the key words so people like me find you
ASAP! Thanks so much! This cream literally saved my life!!!Then there was the little girl who
is like a niece to me who was so little, having problems...I immediately popped some of this
stuff in the mail and any time she has a little issue...it's gone immediately with this stuff! I
CANNOT say enough good stuff about this product!

Dawn. Trueleafmarket 27 Aug, 2014