Headache/Migraine (2 testimonials)

Just wondering if you thought of making wheatgrass shampoo? I had a nasty headache yesterday, took panadol all day long, couldnt get rid of it, so i rubbed some wheatgrass balm onto my neck and no more headache. Yippee!

L. G. Australia. 11 August, 2015

Hi Dr. Chris. I just found another useful application for wheatgrass cream - Migraines !  I had a beaut migraine about 30 minutes ago, so I rubbed some wheatgrass cream on my temples. Now it's 95% gone!
Just thought I'd share that with you.

M. P. Australia. 15 July, 2008

Note: Many of my migraine-suffering patients have experienced quite rapid relief from headache by applying a little wheatgrass extract over the headache's location. There is no guarantee it will always work, but it is worth a try.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.