Hand, foot and mouth disease (viral infection) (1 testimonial)

Dr. Chris Reynolds,
Thank you for your reply. I started applying the wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray  Saturday night and there was a difference Sunday. Applied it again Sunday and it was completely gone today. I did not spray his face so he still has some spots on his face but plan on spraying it today. I have used it for molluscum, pimples, sunburn, and toenail damage. Now I can add hand foot mouth to my list. It has been the miracle spray that can be used for just about anything. Everytime he has had HFM it has blistered but this time after spraying it there were no blisters. Thank you for such a great product, next I need to try the wheatgrass cream. I attached the photos of his feet so you could see the difference, maybe this will help someone else in the future with the same concern. Thank you again!

Melinda.  Australia. 20 November, 2018