Grover’s disease (1 testimonial)

I had Grover’s disease for many years and my chest was covered in hundreds of red spots which got very itchy whenever I started sweating. I saw docs and dermatologists, used steroids and everything you could imagine on my skin which was really quite a mess. Nothing worked so I somehow had to learn to live with it.

Then I met another bloke who had it and fixed his with wheatgrass. It took about two months putting the Superbalm on the rash every day, but eventually the spots went away. They come back sometimes when it’s hot and humid, but I just whack on a bit of wheatgrass and in a couple of days it’s all settled down again.

Thanks a million! I don’t look so bloody ridiculous now when I go to the beach. Thanks doc!

R. C. Australia. 15 February, 2016

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