Ear wax

This message is for Dr.Chris. Wheatgrass Spray helped me to get rid of too much wax in both ears. 40 years old problem started to disappear after a several days of using the spray and after 3 weeks or so gone for good. When I was young I used to dive at a swimming pool in my hometown in Poland. I had some treatments long time ago, it helped but not much. Real problem with my years wax started a few years ago. Last year I have tried the Wheatgrass SuperBalm that help me a bit. i don’t why not earlier but recently i got an idea to use the Wheatgrass spray and it has been working wonderfully. Mamma mia, a miracle. Thank you doctor for the opportunity to use your wonderful products. Loves from Mississauga, Ontario.

Best Regards,

R.K. Canada. 9 September, 2019