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Eliminated the blemishes. Worked as expected 👍 * Skin recovery cream


Phillip 12 February, 2020

I am a 67 year old woman who has always had good skin, until I got really run down and got shingles ten years ago. During that harrowing experience my skin lost elasticity and as I have aged since then keeping my skin hydrated is a challenge. I use the wheat grass spray very lightly as a skin tonic over my whole body about once a week. I use it on my face and neck about every other day and on my hands every day as they get washed a lot, especially over the warmer months when I am outside doing orchard and garden work and now processing fruit as well. I mostly wear gloves but the skin on my hands still manages to get dry and sun exposure is unavoidable. I also use it specifically on any cuts or abrasions as it helps heal very effectively. I love this product and have given it to my daughter as a gift for her management of psoriasis,. ...she loves it too.

Thank you,
M. Australia. 05 Feb, 2019

Excellent moisturiser

My friend introduced me to Dr Wheatgrass Recovery Cream, which proved to be an excellent moisturizer way beyond my expectations.  Prior to using the Recovery Cream my skin was oily.  It no longer has the oily gloss and the product quickly absorbs into the skin.  I have also used the Recovery Spray and this has also proved to be effective on my troubled skin.  Also both products did not sting when coming into contact with the troubled skin.

Dont continue suffering with painful skin - try the Wheatgrass products!!

New experience

A friend introduced me to Dr Wheatgrass Recovery Cream.  The cream has excelled my expectations,I trust the natural ingredients and the natural smell of the product.  The cream is very good for my dry troubled skin and eczema. Thank you, I will introduce the Wheatgrass Products to my friends.


Just try!

  1. Good moisturiser.
  2. Left skin oil free - no glossy sheen.
  3. I had been suffering with dry itchy skin on my legs since December 06.  Within two days of using the Recovery Spray and Cream the skin was no long dry and itchy.  I recommend both products be used two to three times per week during the winter to prevent troubled skin.
  4. I suffer from dry and sensitive skin, Dr Wheatgrass Recovery products have not affected my skin and I had not suffered from any side effects when using the products.
  5. I am male and can highly recommend the products for skin care following shaving.


Good whitener and moisturiser

Dr Wheatgrass Recovery Cream has had a good effect on my skin, good for moisturising and whitening.  My husband has tanned and sensitive skin and following the use of the cream for a few weeks his skin is no longer troubled.  If you use the cream you will receive good effects, with no chemical effects.

Wheatgrass forever!

Dry skin

I suffer from dry sensitive skin with red spots on my face as if suffering from an allergy.  I tried many different products, which left my skin dry and itchy.

A friend introduced me to Dr Wheatgrass Recovery Cream and soap.  I removed my make-up with the soap, following which i used the Recovery Spray and Recovery Cream on the skin.  After 3 days the itchy dry skin had disappeared.  I bought the products straight away and now use the Recovery Cream and Spray daily and have since had no troubled skin - I strongly recommend the Spray and Cream!!


Feels good on the skin

A friend gave me a sample of the Dr Wheatgrass Recovery Cream which left my skin feeling really good.  I bought the cream and have now been using it for two months.  My skin is now clear and looking younger.  I'm very happy with my decision to use Wheatgrass Recovery Cream, especially as it is made from Australian natural ingredients.

I continue to use the cream and introduce it to friends!


I use no other cosmetics!

When I first used the Dr Wheatgrass Recovery Cream it felt good on my skin and proved to be an effective moisturiser.  After continuing to use the Recovery Cream I no longer use other products.  My skin is now clearer and whiter and friends tell me that I look younger.

The cream is also excellent for men following shaving and is good for hair removal.

I am very satisfied with my products - thank you.


Basic make-up

Dr Wheatgrass cream is excellent for my skin and I use no other basic cosmetics, saving me time on a morning.  My life is more comfortable now I am using the cream.

Thank you Dr Wheatgrass!!!


Amazing Spray effect

I have recently been on a golf trip to Asia.  It was incredibly hot and I was using Dr Wheatgrass Recovery Spray with a UV Cream.  After a full-day on the golf course I did not experience any trouble from the sun ultraviolet rays - it's amazing!

I can only suggest you try it when doing out door sports.


First time user of Dr Wheatgrass Recovery Cream

I recently heard about the good reputation of Dr Wheatgrass Recovery Products which contain natural Australian ingredients.  The Recovery Cream left my skin feeling great, more so than I had ever expected.  I continue to use the Recovery Cream.

Thank you.