Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream – Product Reviews (167 testimonials)

This product really works.

I Love this natural product

B.H. AUS. 13 December, 2021

Worth the price!

Okay, I waited two months to give this a review because I wasn’t sure if it was going to work. My son had TINY  molluscum that even his dr couldn’t tell what it was for sure but we’ve been fighting it for 10 months. Nothing I did helped so after 3 trips to the dr and several other ointments she decided it had to be molluscum and told me there was nothing I could do, but I read all the reviews on this and although it was pricey I was desperate.. I haven’t been applying this religiously because I’m forgetful, but we generally got at least one application a day and within a week we noticed they were getting very agitated and angry looking, which I’ve read is a sign they are healing, slowly we have noticed less of them and they are shrinking. Our journey isn’t over just yet, but I’m confident that this product is working and probably would work faster if I was more consistent. So to the skeptical parent who has tried everything else, buy this!

C.M. USA. 24 October, 2021 Amazon

Feed your skin organ healthy! Largest organ needs clean love!

Second bottle received. Really like this lotion and feel like I’m treating my skin organ properly. It deserves to be treated well for all the abuse it has taken and I am sick of toxic products. This product is free from all bad things as far as I can tell to this date. Everyone tries to cut a corner, here it doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s pricey but your skin will thank you. I don’t waste a drop. Thank you for good products and service.

Heather M. on 6 October, 2021 Trueleafmarket.com

Very good product, works as promised.

Charles H. 24 September, 2021 Trueleafmarket.com

It works for Molluscom in under 6 weeks.

I applied this to my three year olds bumps from mulluscom twice a day (I wasn’t 100% faithful to this but I tried!) and especially after bath time and in about 5-6 weeks the back of her knee, which had 30-40 (yes you read that correctly - it was completely covered and starting to speed) bumps on is it completely clear. I’m so thankful I gave this a try.

C.H. USA. 31 July, 2021 Amazon

Molluscum contagiosum

My daughter had molluscum contagiosum and it was getting worse and worse.. after doing some research on Google I came across this product. I ordered it and after a few weeks of daily application (preferably twice daily) all of her bumps went away and haven't came back!! Really works.

V. USA. 13 April, 2021


Used all 3 products

This is great product and worth every penny. Really helps when ulcer is starting to appear and seems to nip it right away so it doesnt turn in to large wound. Since using this I haven't had a large one form. The 2 I have left are going in the right direction just takes a while to heal....

Amazon Customer. United States. 2 January, 2021

Best remedy for Molluscum contagium

It was the only product that helped with curing the Molluscum contagium on my kid. Worked like magic , most of it was gone in 2 weeks. Took another 2 weeks for the spots to disappear completely. No side effects noticed on skin .

Tyagi. A. United States. 23 December, 2020

Great Product for Molluscum

This is a great product t to treat molluscum got rid of my sons molluscum in about 2 weeks of use. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I tried other products ointments and patches and none worked like this.

A. United States. 30 September, 2020

Blisters and Sores

This cream is a miracle!

I try to show the beginning and results of what I was working with. The reason why so that you can believe me. This I promise you this it is better than what my doctor prescribed. My husband went to the doctor two different time for the same problem. After I found this on Amazon I promise you it works. No more blisters and sores under his feet. No more running fluids out of his legs. I brought more just to have it for any other major events. This really works.

Wright. C. United States. 5 August, 2020

Skeptical but blown away by the results

I was skeptical when my nurse at my pediatricians office recommended this stuff but I thought hey it’s worth a shot! I am blown away with the results as I have been using it for a month. My son had five molluscum spots on his leg and now he only has 2 left And they are almost gone. I would buy this stuff over and over again!

Amazon Customer. USA. 30 July, 2020

Great product-Cream

this cream is amazing my used it for my son he had molluscum contagiosum and it cleared it up in a week highly recommend.

S. Amazon USA 06 May, 2020

Buy this now!

My son struggled with molluscum contagiosum for over a year. It would migrate from his armpits all the way down to his ankle. I went to so many doctors appts where they told me that it would clear up on its own. To not worry. Well after a year I said enough! I YouTube'd home remedies and this came up. At this point I felt I had nothing to loose. I would do anything to get this to clear up. And within a week I noticed they were drying up. And now its 2 weeks and they are gone. Just a scar is left. Please buy this. Do not wait like I did. I also used tea tree oil once a day to clean area before I applied lotion.

Mike. Amazon US. 28 March 2020

Molluscum zapper! Don’t waste time!

I don’t really do reviews on products, but I had to let a worried parent like myself know to get this product and stop wasting time on trying things! Just get this ASAP!! This product is amazing! I can’t be more happier then to find Dr. Wheatgrass as the cure for my little ones molluscum issue. I’ve read about this product, but hesitated to buy it in the beginning of her molluscum stages. I have tried everything!!! Zymaderm,apple cider vinegar, Imiquimod, tea tree oil, and a few other topical applications, none seemed to work well at all. 4 months later saw a little improvement then BAM!! Little stubborn bumps got worse! I was getting super worried as doctors tell me to wait, it will go away by its own(1 to 2 years) , no freaking way I’m going to let it run it’s course and cure itself! That’s a awful long time for my LO to itch and scratch it and allow it to spread.
Literally you can see that it working in the first 3 days of use! 1 month later it’s all gone!! She had at least 30 or more little tiny bumps everywhere.

This is how I applied it. I used a qtip to dap each one and rub it lightly. Once it looks dry then put in Babies cloths( long sleeve ) Once in the morning when she wakes up and once right before she goes to bed. If you have more free time give her/him another application mid day. It’s doesn’t hurt to apply more.

End results will be happy parents that you read this and bought it!! Trust me, don’t waste precious time on other stuff. I was skeptical myself, but I was running out of options. NOW,I’m a believer! Thank you Dr. wheatgrass for this amazing molluscum zapper( that’s what I call it!)

I hope this can help other children with molluscum!

Tom Tran Amazon US. 06 January 2020

Thank you for fast delivery. My father, 99, is using on several skin cancers, and appear already to be effective. I have used for skin issues also. I wish it did not have chemical preservatives.

Nell. October 2019  Skin recovery cream as reviewed on sproutman.com

Really Works!

Cure for molluscum really works. Works for so many things. I was spectacle but now I’m a believer. My grandchild is trying for a breakout on his back. Don’t know if it works yet. I’m hopeful

K.M.F. 6 July, 2019 Amazon US

Yass Moisture and Healing. Tightens firms and rejuvenates as stated

Amazon Customer. 23 December 2019

I highly recommend it. An absolute miracle cream. It took care of my needs.

Anon. 17 September 2019

Extremely effective, rapid results. Healthy skin and wound healing.

Taipan. Amazon UK. 13 May 2019

Basic & Essential: Dr. Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream

It's no secret. This is one of those treatments that you cannot have enough of. I've used Dr. Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream for over twelve years.  Chris Reynolds, MD. Because of this, I wish the Sproutman boys the very best wishes for their continued success with a smart product line.

(Take a few minutes: watch Dr. Reyonlds interviews on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5zUS8v9UmTYzIjHHaJx-pg)

S.K. 06 February 2019 Review on sproutman.com

Molluscum stop here!!! This is it.
If your child has molluscum, stop here. Our LO had it for about 2 years and we tried everything. Even the betelnut juice - do not do that it’s painful. We found this and thought why not. They were out of control at this point and had them for about 2 yrs. I didn’t want to leave marks or anything painful. I tried one spot and in two weeks they started to react. Red inflamed look is what you want. That means they are going away. Now I use it all over and in about 1.5 months they are just about gone. I use them on the dark spots once they are gone to help fade the spot. Now I tell everyone about this so it doesn’t get out of control. Other medicines could leave permanent marks. This does not.

E.L. 06 February, 2019

It really works
This product works amazin! Molluscum disapeared within 3 days.

Grace. 23 December, 2018

A true lifesaver Cream
I was told about this product from a friend because my daughter suffered from bumps that weren't warts. I purchased Dr. Wheat grass and within the first 3 days I could see that the bumps begin to dry out and by week two the bumps were completely gone! I took my daughter to her dermatologist and the dermatologist was even amazed by this product!

Chanis. 19 December, 2018

The cream cleared up some skin issues I had.

Amazon Customer 19 December, 2018

this cream is the best! I use it on pressure sores and all and speeds healing time immensely! This is my third tube!

C.V. USA. 23 September, 2018 Thanks to Amazon

I will never be without this cream. I sometimes have allergies, or some skin problems, and only this cream helps. I have tried several creams even organic, but they don’t work.

Irina. USA. 26 May, 2018 Thanks to Amazon

Took care of a cut and helped it heal quickly. Great for my chapped lips.

Ozzy. USA. 15 February, 2018 Thanks to Amazon

Very special cream. If used medically, pay attention to Dr. Wheatgrass' instructions. A good healing cream

M.F. USA. 10 January, 2018

great value

I have had a problem for quite a few week now, in a delicate place, I tried this cream and I kid you not 3 days and it had healed, I would recommend anyone to try this, also its great value as you only need a little. excellent.

br1234-2012 October 2017 Review on eBay.com

Wonderful for small wrinkles, eczema, and molluscum warts! We noticed a difference in just a week.

Steph. USA. 24 October, 2017

This stuff is so awesome. Use only a little at a time and the package says to also. There is nothing better for skin healing on the market today.

J.J. 26 August, 2017

I had a red bump on my nose for over a year, chapped red bump, I used this every night and my nose is smooth and the red soar bump is gone!!!!! Great product for skin bumps as well!

Linda 18 August, 2017

Love it love it. Always use as a night cream to help hydrate my sensitive skin

D.G. 29 March, 2017

Works great on a dry skin area that I have not had any success with until using the Skin Recovery Cream.

Raguls60 26 March, 2017

Works amazingly well.
I thought lotion was lotion and never thought I'd buy some this expensive but wow it's good stuff. Blowing glass all day is rough on my hands but this stuff left them really soft and helped prevent a lot of the little knicks and cuts I get from getting infected. Going to try the stronger version next.

B.D. 23 March, 2017

Amazing product. PT loves this for stimuli with electrolois

Maureen 18 March, 2017

This is now my wonder cream. Excellent for any skin problems. Will recommend this to anyone. Thank you Grass Factor/Amazon.

Irina. USA. 17 March, 2017

A very good company speedy delivery. The product is fantastic. Relieves dry skin instantly. Will reorder for sure

D.F. 16 February, 2017

I have tried a LOT of products and this stuff is nice! Very emollient without being sticky or greasy. I'm thinking about using it under by eyes.

Shoiley 7 February, 2017

Never leave reviews but...
I absolutely love this cream. Initially bought for healing of fissure which it somehow fixed when nothing else worked, and now using it on my face with great results as well!

Johnny 20 January, 2017

This is simply an amazing product.
Great for everyday skin care as well as small cuts and abrasions

A.S. 8 January, 2017

Perfect for aging skin. Loved it.

L.M. 6 January, 2017

Seems to be calming down allergic contact dermatitis symptoms. With many natural products, it is very difficult to find out how effective they were after using them, as they work by needing frequent and consistent application. They are usually effective when used this way and will not have any harmful effects unless abused. Even when abused, most natural products still might not leave side effects. This is so drastically different from allopathic (hero) medicine, which gives noticeable results quickly. It does that by severely altering something in your body to suppress the symptoms you are trying to cure. Doing so upsets the balance of many bodily processes, often causing side effects or long term damage that might shorten your life without being noticed.

Like most natural "medicines," wheatgrass must be used multiple times daily and everyday.

(This is not actually true. In fact "less is best" when treating most conditions with wheatgrass. In general, apply ON ALTERNATE DAYS for best results.
Dr. Chris Reynolds.)

After long term use, I will come back to edit this review to share more information with you guys. However, after about 2 weeks of dedicated use, there are some promising things I have noticed already. After trying comfrey ointment (something in it may have prolonged the allergy), manuka honey (too strong and stings sores; may have prolonged the allergy), preserved & bottled aloe vera gel (not fresh at all, meaning it lost much critical healing properties), and a nasal spray (it worsened allergic outbreaks), I was not able to calm down allergic reactions to a chemical peel I used. I turned to one week of medium strength topical steroids, which helped for a few days but caused skin to flush very red by the fifth day.

Right after I decided to stop corticosteroid application, I started applying this wheatgrass cream multiple times daily along with using alcohol-free witch hazel for cleansing. Here are the positive observations I made, without any negative results so far:
1) Redness seems to fade away gradually over the first few days.
2) Sores are not emerging as frequently or recurring as much. Each sore heals faster and better. I am almost clear of major and noticeable symptoms after two weeks of use.
3) Conclusion is that this wheatgrass cream formula does not cause further allergic responses and seems to aide healing well as skin tries to return to normal. Allergic flares and sensitivity steadily decline in severity.

I hope this review helped and that you will benefit from this product. Definitely try it!

P.T. 24 December, 2016

The best product in the world.
I rarely leave reviews but I wanted to take time to share my experience with these products. Dr Wheatgrass products are the best product in the world. I am not exaggerating! I am so thankful for these products. I bought recovery cream to treat my fissure. It was healed in 1.5 weeks and then my son got some kind of insect bites (poor kid scratched his skin until it bleed) and that made his eczema much worse. His skin was extremely sensitive, dry, itchy, red and painful. I bought wheatgrass spray since cream worked really well for my fissure problem. Thank GOD! The spray immediately soothed his skin. I could see improvements day by day and his skin became normal very quickly. I don't know why but these products work!! You should definitely give it a try!

M.C. 10 December, 2016

A must have for every medicine cabinet.
This cream is amazing for healing minor cuts and cracks in the skin due to extreme weather and dryness.

Rach 13 November, 2016

Sebaceous cyst gone now...it's a miracle!
I used the recovery cream on a sebaceous cyst on top of my head. I applied it twice daily for 3 weeks. It worked all the wax out by becoming a hard ball like a popcorn kernal. One morning I happened to bring my hand up near the site and this ball just popped out. There was a hole left so I kept applying the cream until it closed up completely. I am very happy with this purchase and glad the knot on top of my head is now gone.

R.T. 3 November, 2016

Have used this for years after a friend of mine shared his experience. Great for skin issue of all types. Have used it for mosquito bites as well. It does a wonderful job and you wont be disappointed.

Amazon Customer 22 September, 2016

lots of great uses for this product. I've been using for 3 years now. Fortunately for me I only need just a small amount once in a great while now!

E.P. 24 August, 2016

I have used both (Shots & cream) these products for about two years for lichen sclerosus. I highly recommend both.

Cdg 18 July, 2016

I have spent a lot of money looking for a product that would actually live up to claims. This one did . I have severe itching from eczema and this is the only product that give me any relief and start the healing process.

S.T. 18 July, 2016

I noticed a difference on the eczema I have 3 days after using this. Will buy again

Ray 27 April, 2016

One of my favorite creams. Two huge thumbs up from an esthetician. The antioxidant shots I'm enjoying as well.

H.B.  26 April, 2016

I stopped taking my acne medicine and I bought this to help my skin. It is great! Any odd skin issue I have it works great. I love that I can just Spray it on instead of using my hands or cotton ball. It's wonderful.

Jenay 16 April, 2016

I have been suffering from steroid withdraw for 2 years tired everything it got to the point where I had to use antibiotics by month stoped them the within 3 days too risky I tied many products docotros knew nothing I had red bad and skin on my face from using steroid certozone cream even the doctor said use steroid Bad Bad idea THEN I wAs TIreD I screached for many thing I found a link a story on google then I went to amazon I have more trust on amazon than other stores I saw DR WHEAT GRASS had positive reviews and results I had to try it it made since I had all the indications it was for me This is the only thing that works it's safe and not harmful I love this cream I love it so much it's changed my life god bless the people that made this happen it's been two weeks and my skin is almost to normal to where I was really I mean I had another two weeks without steroid but this the very best products in the market today i can't explain how greatfull I am for dr wheat grass I will recommend this to everyone It has healing affects organic not harmful all natural I mean even god said use plants from earth I mean it makes since wheat grass is a blessing I am a pruve that it works be pancince it worked for me in about the first week and now I am around the 3 week but It might take for others I bit more to see improvement but forsure you won't regurrt it it takes around 5 months to completely recover After all that steroid harm corztone did you just got to hang in there it will become better I am looking forward to completñy recover god bless dr wheat grass and people who made this happen it's changed my life and thank you amazon for making this happen if I could I would give it a billion stars. For best results try the recovery cream and the recovery spry dr wheat grass that's what I use maybe that's why I had so fast results dr wheat grass is the best I can't stop saying it because am even exacited for other people that there life's will change much love to all the People of dr wheat grass products and grassfactor

G.O. 4 December, 2016

Ordered for my daughter who was attacked by a dog and lip torn off and grafted. Just started using it on this new graft and I do believe it has helped heal it, after just 2 days it looks much better and is not cracking and splitting like it was before. So far, very happy. Not happy with delivery. Was supposed to be next day, yet took a week.

Amazon Customer 21 November, 2016

Great product! I was hesitant of buying this cream 'cuz it seems like manufacturer is very good in marketing their product but the product is not effective as they claimed. While I was surfing in the internet I came across this product. I have a family that lives in Australia and I had tried some products that were really good. When I saw that Dr Wheatgrass is in Australia, I was excited. This product should be good. This product is amazing in relieving my aches and pains better than arnica gel that I always grab. Better than those plasters that you put on your skin. The aches and pain goes away in just few minutes. "Amazing". I applied it to my face as a moisturizer, and made my skin dry, but my skin feels good. I applied it in a small area of my neck that has warts/skin tags as well, but it is too early to tell. I will recommend this amazing product to anyone!

Irina. 9 April, 2016

At my advanced age I have a type of acne that Dr Wheatgrass Antioxidant Skin Recovery Cream is clearing up.....this is the only product that has worked in four years of my trying all types of products that were touted to work....NOT. However, Dr Wheatgrass Antioxidant Skin Recovery Cream does work. After washing my face, I apply a tad to the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, then rub into my skin. Excellent product.

Cam. 14 December, 2015

this is the best stuff. I was using daily on my face when a friend whom I hadn't seen in a while commented that I looked younger now than the last time she saw me

M.C. 22 November, 2015

Powerful stuff! This product is great for stubborn skin problems. Seems to nourish the skin in a very natural way and induce the skin's own immune response and healing process which is very good!! The only reason i gave it a 4 star and not 5 star review is that its still very costly stuff for what it is, but I'm glad its available. works great on sun spots and and bug bites. really helps the healing process. RhythmRancher 16 October, 2015

Five Stars best stuff ever..

B.M. 30 August, 2015

Great product. Works every time. N.S. 13 August, 2015

Simply Amazing!! OMG!!!! Where do I begin??? This is the most amazing skin recovery cream Ever!!! I would become a presenter for this product today!! Love love love it!!!!

R.G. 29 July, 2015

wouldn't be without it. C.A.C. 10 July, 2015

I think this is a good product. I bought for psoriasis on elbows and it helped a lot. As for a scar I have from surgery, not sure how much it helps, but overall a good product

T.Z. 19 June, 2015

Stops the itch - I keep plenty of this cream on hand - it takes care of any bug bites, or rashes - there is no itching after I use this cream. P.M. 3 June, 2015

I was introduced to this product in a Crohn's disease support group as therapy for a badly breat up rear end as I was told it will help heal fissures. It really helped and I also tried it for other skin issues, burns, acne, cold sores and a facial moisturizer. This product works really well for all of those things and I have been using it religiously for two years now.

L.W. 2 June, 2015

Excellent - Miraculous. My wife has tried everything to get rid of terrible eczema all over her body - including 100's dollars with Dermotologists. After a few weeks the wheatgrass began healing all her spots and it is preventing future outbreaks.

Ron. 31 May, 2015

Wonderful Product - I have used Dr Wheatgrass Antioxdant Skin Recovery Cream for 2 - 3 years. I have ezcema on the palms of both of my hands. After going to dermatologists and buying expensive presciptions, Dr Wheatgrass is the only product that keeps my skin condition under control. Would recommend it to anyone that has eczema ora rash.

Amazon Customer May 9, 2015

Five Stars - This stuff is amazing! It's a miracle in a tube!

M.W. 16 April, 2015

Worked for Me - It took about a week for me, but it does what it says it does. It will clear up your skin. I've kept using it and even when my menstrual cycle came around y skin stayed clear.

C.V. 10 April, 2015

Thank you so much for this cream,it is really work for skin ,who has problem with baby mollusks,you can see first result after 4-5 days. It's good alternative for expensive one from pharmacy.

Evy. 7 April, 2015

I was suffering from an anal and vaginal fissure and this cream completely healed both. I realize not everyone will see results but I highly recommend it and have reordered to keep on hand.

R.D. 9 February, 2015

This product really works!! You do have to be consistent with the application. I saw minor improvement after about 3 days of use (may take longer for others) and major improvement after about a week. It worked for me for minor eczema breakout & fissure. I rarely write product reviews but this product is a GODSend! I have no doubt that this product works for me. Thanks so much to grassfactor and amazon!!

MS.G 14 January, 2015

I suffered from anal fissure after pregnancy and sever constipation. I did sitz bath 3 times a day for 15-20 mins and applied this cream after that. In 2 weeks the fissure healed pretty well. It kept coming back due to weak area and constipation but this cream was a huge help. Give it a try !

A.V.T. 1 January, 2015

Did help with itching and helped clear up trouble spots on my skin.

J.W. 1 January, 2015

I haAn absolute miracle!!! d been suffering from a horrible anal fissure and reading all kinds of internet sites and web forums for any suggestions that might help me find relief. I did not go to my doctor because almost everything I read indicated that most doctors did not understand anal fissures, and would only prescribe a topical pain cream, or in extreme cases would perform surgery to either cauterize the fissure or cut the sphincter muscle to stop it from spasming, both of which sounded like terrible solutions and frightened me. I found a forum where someone mentioned this wheatgrass cream. I bought it directly from the website and am thrilled to say that after 4 weeks of use, I have been pain free for an entire week. The keys to success were using this cream, using a daily stool softener,using baby wipes instead of toilet paper, and taking aleve liquigels and also using a numbing topical pain agent like orajel during the worst of the pain. I would not wish this condition on my worst enemy. At my lowest point, where I could not find relief from my pain by lying down hours after a bowel movement, I could see no way through this, and actually wished I were dead. That's how much this condition had come to rule my life. I was afraid to eat because I was afraid of the bowel movement I knew would occur, I was afraid to leave my house in case the urge came upon me in public, I was spending hours each day in a hot bathtub trying to find relief. I couldn't sit, I couldn't drive, I couldn't walk without pain. The Dr. Wheatgrass cream wasn't an overnight miracle. It took time for the region to heal, but now that it has, it is a miracle nonetheless. You only need a very small amount. I have been using multiple times each day (reapplied in the morning, afternoon, and at night), and estimate that after four weeks I still have about half the tube left. It is expensive for a cream, but if you've ever suffered this pain from an extreme chronic fissure, you know that there is no price you wouldn't pay to make it end. The key here is patience. Eventually it will heal.

E.M. 12 December, 2014

been using it for a few years and really like it. magical cream. I love this product! There should be more publicity about how this heals and protects... Wish I could buy a gallon of it.

M.R.S. 4 August, 2014

I had a red, itchy rash on my face from using a steroid cream for too long. I discontinued using the steriod cream and started using Dr. Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream. After about two weeks, my rash cleared up and my skin looks and feels great. I would highly recommend this!

USA. 25 June, 2014 Thanks to Amazon

I read all the good reviews on this and decided to order it and am very glad that I did! It works great and I would definitely recommend it!

Lkramer. 9 June, 2014

I have used this product before and I'm getting more. A good product. I keep it in my house all the time. It's a good soothing agent. I recommend it.

Mrs. T.G. 23 May, 2014

Great product and well worth the money! We have purchased three tubes of this cream and it has been a lifesaver. It works great on fissures and I have been using it as a face cream and my skin feels much smoother and healthier looking. Very satisfied and will purchase again!

Kajo. 7 April, 2014

Did not help totally help the fissure problem BUT did work on a facial spot it faded then went away

Hellesdon 28 March, 2014

Worked great! This product is amazing, was hoping for a miracle and this was it. I saw improvement within the first day and after 2 days had no pain or bleeding for 2 weeks. Some of the pain/bleeding has come back, but I know if I keep using products they will continue to heal. SO grateful for the makers of this product.

A.W. 14 February, 2014

Spendy - but well worth it! This creme is formulated for best treatment of serious skin surface fissures and is very soothing when applied as needed. Recommended!

E.B. 20 January, 2014

Wonderful product I used it on my daughters molluscum and it was cleared within 3 weeks. And she had over 70 spots!

J.Q. 9 January, 2014

I normally don't write reviews, even if I like the product, and I use Amazon quite frequently. But I had to share about this product! I was diagnosed with post partum anal fissure. Fun, huh? I guess that's what you get for pushing a baby with a head in the 96th percentile out for 3 hours! Anyway, I was miserable and constantly in pain. It's certainly an embarrassing topic, and not one I felt comfortable sharing. I couldn't stand to sit very long, especially after a bm. I was getting depressed, and it was impeding my ability to care for my new son. I couldn't sit to rock him without being in nearly unbearable pain. I finally went to the doctor after dealing with it for 4 or 5 months. They put me on a nitrate cream, which gave me a headache, and suggested I take a fiber supplement and a stool softener. I tried this regimen for 2 weeks to no avail. I went back to re-evaluate with the doctor (a surgeon) who told me my only other option was surgery. I immediately started doing more research and found this product. I talked with my husband, and although we were both skeptical, we figured the cost of this cream was cheaper than surgery. I stopped using the nitrate and the lidocaine (for pain) and stopped taking the fiber and stool softener. I put this cream on (and in) 3 times a day and after two days I could already tell a difference. It was still uncomfortable, but only uncomfortable, instead of feeling like razor blades. I have only used this cream for about a week now, but I can use the bathroom without pain, drive a car, rock my baby, and feel like a normal person again. I plan to continue use for another couple weeks, and keep this product handy in case this terrible issue comes back. So, in my opinion, it's worth a try! It really honestly worked for me when medicines and prescriptions wouldn't. And it's cheaper than surgery. I am one satisfied customer. I knew we would get to the bottom of this problem sooner or later (pun intended!)

Melissa. 26 October, 2013

Healed and Cured - I had been dealing with fissures for two years, within two weeks they were healed. I cant believe I suffered for so long, Wonderful product!

N.S. 2 October, 2013

My savior! I suffered from really bad hemorrhoids and eventually a nasty fissure after giving birth. I think I was less of a baby about natural child birth than I was about the after affects! When my doctor recommended that I see a general surgeon I started doing lots of research about how to heal these problems without intervention. It took about 2-3 weeks of consistent use to fully heal however, I had gone months in pain before that so, I am fairly certain that this cream did the trick (it was the only change in my regular routine). Also, my child was straining to go for a while and had a couple little fissure/tear looking things on her bum so I used it on her as well and it worked great. I could not be happier with the results and that all of the other reviews are spot-on!

E.M. 30 August, 2013

Definitely has worked for me & recommend it to others who experience skin conditions such as eczema & dermatitis. Very grateful~

Ellie. 11 August, 2013

Not one thing works for every fissure. You have to try what you can...... I've had an anal fissure for 3 years. I've done the two lidocaine creams that are pharmaceutical compounds. I did not experience any spectacular results. I have learned that there are a lot of things that say they will heal a fissure. I've also learned that all of them, including the compounds creams, only heal 50% of the fissures they treat. So, you have to try different things and find the one or two things that will work for you. With that said, I figured after spending $55 each on both the compound creams, another $40 was worth a shot considering there were a lot of positive reviews. The other options are Botox and surgery, each with very bad side effects and possibly complications. Now a $40 cream doesn't sound so bad, does it? After experiencing a huge allergic reaction to one of the compound creams, I was looking for something more natural. I started adding Epsom salts to my sitz bath. I highly recommend doing that. It seems to take some of the pain away. I also bought 1000 mg vitamin E capsules. I cut a slit on the end, and squeezed it onto and into the fissure. Then during the day, I'd use the Wheatgrass cream. I'm SO much better and I saw my vascular surgeon this morning. He said the fissure is better. Well then, I'm sticking to my more natural treatment. It may work for you, it may not, but don't you owe it to yourself to try everything before Botox or surgery? If it doesn't work on the fissure, use it elsewhere. It's a good cream. Good luck in your search for a fissure cure.

J.G. 7 August, 2013

Face skin damage reversed - I have very sensitive skin on my face. Everything I have put on has damaged it. Until now!!! I dabbed Dr. Wheatgrass Antioxidant Skin Recovery Cream, and would you believe it, after about 30 days or one tube of cream, my face appears to be younger, the skin is much better, although I have quite a ways to go. I re-ordered another tube I feared I would run out.

C.G. 1 August, 2013

Excellent! I have been very pleased with the healing results -- better than any product I have tried, including prescription drugs.

Amazon Customer 20 July, 2013

This product cured my painful fissures! I have never written a product review before, but I feel compelled to share my success story with others.... After suffering from a few fissures for 7.5 months, visiting the doctor multiple times, and trying solutions that seemed to work for other people (a high fiber diet, drinking lots of water, exercising, sitz baths, hydro-cortisone cream, aloe vera, tinactin, bacitracin, etc.), I was depressed. I was miserable, felt hopeless, thought that I would need surgery someday, and had started feeling bad about my body, which was negatively impacting my sex life. While crying and in pain one night about a month ago, I stumbled upon reviews of this product online. Initially, I had buyers remorse when I woke up the next morning--certain that I had wasted $40--but when my wheatgrass cream came in the mail, I started using it internally/externally three times a day... and I found immediate relief! Within a couple of days (literally), I was completely discomfort and blood free for the first time since the beginning of October. Now, 3.5 weeks later, my fissures seem to have disappeared completely. I cannot believe it 🙂 I know that this horrible condition can come back and can fool a person into thinking that it has healed, but--for now and hopefully forever--I am happy and feeling great and in love with this product. As a female in her late 20s, I know how helpless fissures can make a person feel day in and day out, so my advice to anyone with this condition is to keep trying every cure that you read about online because hopefully something that worked for someone else will work for you, too! Thank you, Dr. Wheatgrass for fixing my backside.

I purchased this. 24 June, 2013

Excellent - It works incredible to recover the skin, I used it with my 7 year old to heel the skin after she had molluscum. Gilda. 10 June, 2013 Great stuff! I first tried this for pain below after a painful movement if you catch my drift. Worked great in 2-3 days. I was sold. Also worked well for razor burn and a number of other skin irritations. Thanks Roon. 8 May, 2013 ...you think you've tried everything, and then you discover this cream! This stuff might seem expensive, but a little tube like this lasts and lasts. The best part of course is that it WORKS AND WORKS WELL!

The Shootist 10 April, 2013

Great stuff...This product deserves a "Hand"!!!! It helped my my rash on my eyes I think caused by stress. Everytime it started to come back, I applied this cream and it took care of it. I did a Stupid thing the other day... I put a muscle cream on my eye lid by mistake and thought it was the tube of cream ( wheatgrass) at a friends and did not want to turn light on at night wake her up. So right away realize what I did washed off with cold water, but still had problem. I took out the right cream applied and it calmed it right down. This stuff helped me and will not be with out it. Some creams you just pay the money because it works!

R.J. 20 March, 2013

Great Eczema Remedy - I've been dealing with eczema on my hands for at least 10 years. I discovered Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream in the last year or so, but I didn't use it often at the time. However, it relieved one of my worst symptoms: cracking/bleeding skin that mostly occurred during the winter months. I bought more recently and have been using it 2-3 times a day for the last two weeks, and the results have been great! My hands has gotten quite a bit softer and aren't as dry as usual. They still get red from time to time, but I can only guess it comes from having this condition for so long. This product has done more than any lotions you can buy at the store.

H.R. 18 March, 2013

Skin Recovery Extraordinare - I use this product with all my skin problem, including grazes and light wounds in areas like the elbow or ankle. It soothes the pain and the skin really recovers after three or four applications. Great stuff.

Moh.1 March, 2013

Does what it recommends I bought because of the reviews on the use for anal fissure and I must agree it really works. Been really happy with product.

M.K. 21 February, 2013

I ordered this Dr. Wheatgrass Antioxidant Skin Recovery Cream on the recommendations of others for a fissure. After dealing with this painful condition for over ten years I can honestly say that of all the treatments I have tried (some of which were Doc Cured postpartum fissure - Two weeks after a c section, i started to suffer from a painful fissure. I was reading nightmare stories about surgery, and how difficult it is to cure a fissure. I was doing everything in my power to try and cure the fissure on my own, but nothing was working. Finally after suffering for 6 weeks, i ordered this cream. It started to work within a couple days and now my fissure is gone. Here is exactly what I did: Took two warm baths per day Took one stool softener at night for about 5 days Ate a lot of fiber Drank ALOT of water (very important with the fiber) Applied Dr. Wheatgrass cream on 2-3 times per day Good luck to anyone who is suffering from this horrible problem. Try the cream -you wont be sorry!

A.B. 16 August, 2011

AMAZING! I am not one to do reviews. With that said, this has to be shared. I have suffered for many months. I could find NO relief. I tried everything and nothing seemed to work.... until I tried this. It took about two weeks of putting it on two to three time a day. But it was well worth it. Honestly, this stuff has saved me. It works!

C.B. 14 July, 2011

Absolutely miracle cream I went through six other products prior to trying this. I was attempting everything possible before going to the proctologist. Totally never wanted to go there until I hit my 50s. I started using this and within a week, the problem had nearly disappeared. When I got to the doctor, the fissure had healed. I now use it when things flare up and within a day I am feeling better. Works great on feet too. I have been battling this issue for years. Two weeks and Dr. Wheatgrass took care of everything.

RedClayRoad. 1 July, 2011

This cream is helping keep my acne under control. I only use a little under my foundation - but a little more at night.

M.M. 17 May, 2011

This does heal fissures. Seriously your bung hole will thank you. After 5 years of bleeding and problems. Its fixed!!!!

Honestconsumer. 1 May, 2011

Wheat Grass On - Fissure gone On Jan 1st 2010 our family decided to celebrate our new year at water park of America. That day morning, I had pain during my bowl movement. I did not care it much and went to the Water park. During the after noon I developed pain in the Butt and it kept on increasing. I could not stand, walk or sit. I did not understand what had happened to me, I went to rest room and tried for bowel movement again. That was it, my situation got worse from there. I came home and went to urgent care. The doctor suspected internal hemorrhoids(piles), they prescribed PreparationH cream. With or With out cream my pain got released after 5 hours and during night time I felt alright. Next day morning the same old story unbearable pain, I went to the doctor again, they suspected fissure and asked me to use the same cream. The cream itself not working for me. I went to specialist and confirmed Fissure again and prescribed me rectal ointment. The did not help me completely. I used to wake up at 4 in the morning, go the rest room, almost cry with pain for an hour, take 2 Advil pain killers, get my self settled after 4 to 5 hours. I could not able to concentrate of many things with this pain. I now understand the real meaning of the word "Pain in the As.." , well I never use that word in any situation. When I read review of this product from its main website I decided to buy this and try. I used 3 tubes, along with this cream these are the other things I did.

  1. Every day morning I used to drink 350 ml of Barley juice. Barley removes all the heat and provides great source of fiber. Here is how I made Barley juice, a. Get the Barley powder or Raw Barley from Indian or Asian stores. I tried getting Barley from Cubfoods or Walmart but not available there. b. Take 3 full spoons of Barley powder, if its raw Barley make it as power using your Mixer. c. Mix the Barley power with half glass of cold water. Stir it very well. d. Take a dish, pour 250 or 300 ml water in it, boil the water to bubbles. e. Slowly keep adding barley water mix in to the hot water, stir it well to dissolve any lumps. f. When its ready to overflow, switch of the stove, cool hot barley water for 15 to 20 min. d. Add salt (optional) and 1 glass of yogurt to it and drink. You can also drink with out yogurt.
  2. One Omega3 boiled egg in the morning. I got Cage free Omega3 eggs from Cub foods and they taste great. I bought Omega3 powder from Sams club too but rarely used it.
  3. Two fiber choice tablets per day. Taking Fiber is very imp, not just tablets but any form of fiber including spinach, broccoli, green veggies etc.
  4. One nature made magnesium 450 mg soft gel available at Costco. I think taking magnesium helped me to regulate bowl movements and strengthen butt mussels.
  5. At costo you get stool softener tablets brand name is "Kirkland Signature Stool Softener Docusate Sodium 100 mg", I tried using Miralax but it did not work for me so used stool softener tablets they worked great.
  6. Completely stopped taking any Chilli products includes Indian pickles, chilli powder, banana peppers, jalapenos. I tried taking chilis but the next morning I could not withstand the pain, so much pain...and burning sensation.
  7. Drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water. Hot tub sitting ones or twice in a day.
  8. The Advil Liquid Gel tablets helped me to reduce the pain. some times I used to take two tablets at a time or max of 5 tablets during the day.
  9. Having light exercise, couple of yoga movements like "Pavan muktasana" can help. I did not try much though but I am sure Yoga can really help.
  10. Once you are cleared with fissure stop taking stool softners and magnesium but continue to take fibers and make sure you do not have hard stools and constipation. *One more important thing I noticed, fissure or hemorrhoids do not happen all of sudden, they develop internally, its better to check rectum area with fingers once in a while to check if we get any pain or not, couple of months ago when I put my finger in to the track, there was some degree of pain. Bowl movements are just fine so I did not care about it. I am sure that was the starting point of my fissure. I could have changed my eating habits or drinking more water would have helped me.

Finally use this amazing cream twice a day and that's it my fissure is gone now after 5 months. Hah, its a long time but we should live with it for that long. If you are lucky you get cured in one are two months. All the best.

Thereviewer. 7 July, 2010

Be persistent, this stuff works wonderfully to cure molluscum I have two children, ages 8 and 3. My older child contracted molluscum on the back of his legs when he was 5 -- at least 20 lesions per leg. It started small and over the late fall and winter, it got worse -- not uncomfortable for him, but very unsightly. Nothing I did worked to improve the condition, and my pediatrician told me that there was no treatment for it. I tried an ointment that my sister gave me -- my niece got the same condition the previous summer, but I saw no change at all. I was very frustrated and concerned about how it would look when he had to change to his spring uniform (shorts) in a few weeks. It looked awful, and I know what the other children would say when they saw it. I researched the wheatgrass cream, read the testimonials, and decided to give it a try. In 3 days, there was a noticeable improvement. In 3-4 weeks, all spots were gone and no scarring from the lesions. Needless to say, I was thrilled. Here I am, 3 years later, and my younger son started to show small molluscum lesions -- about 7-10 per leg. (Almost certainly the same source -- our neighborhood pool.) I brought out the unused wheatgrass cream that I still had. As I did with my older son, I applied 2-3 times per day and let it soak in. Then I applied Nexcare Gentle Paper Tape to cover the lesions (bandaids don't stay on as well and are more noticeable). In one week, the lesions have almost faded. This is a miracle cream! I don't know how it works so well, but it's great. I have told my pediatrician about it, and I plan to tell him again when I bring in my children for their annual physicals. I hope he is recommending it as an option to other patients with this condition. I certainly do!

D.G.A. 2 June, 2010

Excellent product! I never bother to review anything, but had such great results with this cream that I had to write a review. I stumbled across this cream while looking for something to take care of my eczema. It has made my hand nice and smooth, not greasy, and my hand feels normal for once! Best of all, since it's good for infants, I don't have to worry about getting some toxic steroid on my 7 month old when I pick her up. And that's not all.... I also saw that it said it was good for mollusucm, so I tried it on my 3 yr old daughter who has had molluscum for over a year and a half now. Within a few weeks all her molluscum bumps have disappeared, and now I'm going to use it until her scars go away. This cream is fantastic!!! Well worth the price.

W.V. 25 May, 2010

Indeed it’s a miracle. Lea loves Dr. Wheatgrass's recover cream I have been using this product for two weeks on my hands. I have brown age spots and two of them were raw and wouldn't heal. I was going to go to the doctor to get them removed but tried the Recovery cream first. The raw age spots have healed and all the age spots on my hands are very faded and some are gone. So I will buy this product again and continue to use it. I am also now applying it to my face and my skin looks and feels much better.

S.S. 7 January, 2010

Great results using this product! My eight year old daughter has had eczema since she was three. We began using Dr. Wheatgrass Antioxidant Skin Recovery Spray and the Dr. Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream just two weeks ago and the results have been amazing. Her eczema was severe, and we have tried many other products to help her condition. The Skin Recovery Spray and Skin Recovery Cream are the only products that have worked. Her skin began to improve the day after the first application, and with two applications daily, it is looking better every day. I am very happy with my purchase.

E.G. 4 January, 2010

Pretty Good!Five Stars Works great!

M.B. 14 June, 2016

Wonderful Product! Read Testimonials on the Web Site Dr. Wheat Grass Skin Recovery Cream is a wonderful product that I use with confidence to heal and prevent. It works as advertised and reading the positive comments from other buyers was a decisive factor in making the purchase. This is my 4th bottle and I will continue to buy again for sure!

D.A. 8 June, 2016

I've been using this cream for years as part of my skin care routine. I absolutely love it and my skin seems to love it too.

H.B. 5 June, 2016

Five Stars - Helps psoriasis

W.G. 21 May, 2016

This product helped with hemroids but they were almost gone when it finally arrived. Went ahead and used it. Going to use it on dry skin and see if it helps.

8 May, 2016

Best ever - Worked miracles for my eczema. Will be buying again.

Shawtdog. 6 May, 2016

Here's hoping this gets rid of the molluscum my little one has been plagued with for months! After a week and a half, most of them are red and a few are scabbing over! Hallelujah!

J.C. 1 May, 2016

Healed a burn very quicklyI had a bad burn on my arm that just wasn't healing quickly or properly. I had tried many different things on it and after a month it was still in really bad shape (red, itchy, painful). I bought this product and it was immediately soothing - it stopped the pain and itching. The burn started to heal very quickly. I noticed a dramatic difference within a day. I've been using it everyday since and now the burn is basically gone. It is barely a small mark on my arm. I don't think it will even scar. I am trying this on my hands, too, where I have some sort of skin issue (eczema? psoriasis?). It's a bit tougher there because I use and wash my hands a lot. It's definitely soothing and I am hopefully that it will clear up this issue with regular use.

J.M. 28 March, 2016

I was skeptical and it proved me wrong I have to be honest, I am a physician and I typically don't go for naturist products. I cut my self shopping onions and I was stuborned and did not go to the ED. A few days later the death tissue fell and I was quite discouraged thinking that I was left with a nasty scar. A friend recommended me Triticum Vulgare, a read a few pubmed studies and skeptically decided to tried it. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised, the wound has healed quite fast and is looking quite nice. The photos are 12 days apart.

Carlos. 12 March, 2016

It healed my fissure!! Amazing in healing an anal fissure. I never take the time to write reviews, unless it is exceptional. I have been dealing with a chronic anal fissure for over 8 months, vigilant in using the prescribed medicine and sitting in bath tubs, 2 times a day. The fissure was not completely healing, so I was contemplating surgery because of the pain. I ordered this as a last resort, and I wish I would have done it sooner! Pain stopped within about 1.5 weeks of using it and I believe it has finally healed completely, less than one month later. Best cream ever. I'm so thrilled with this product. For anyone with a chronic anal fissure, order this as soon as possible.

Jill. 10 March, 2016

Love this product - This is a great product. It works so well on really dry skin and helped to clear up my daughters molluscum in record time!

Adgal. 25 February, 2016

Simply Wonderful Product For almost 2 years I have been dealing with a Charco foot---I go to a wound clinic each week and have had 2 surgeries---the wound clinic does not know we are using this product on the wound in addition to what they use---it is healing faster and better than before we started using it. I will tell them when it finally closes and I can walk on it again---hopefully they can start using it there also. This is just such a great product, and I am thankful we found it.

B.W. 6 February, 2016

Five Stars Excellent product

M.C. 28 January, 2016

this product is amazing...ive been using it for only 3 days and my rectal fissure improved a lot...the bleeding stopped ..and irs not as painful like before...i will continue using this cream and im hoping my rectal fissure will be cured...im so .impressed...ime ready to order for some more...

Amazon Customer 22 January, 2016

Five Stars works great

Amazon Customer 16 January, 2016

TRY THIS PRODUCT If you know anyone with any kind of skin disorders TRY THIS PRODUCT. My second daughter suffered from really bad exzema and then ended up getting molluscum contagiosum. This product almost eliminated the exzema, it greatly reduced the molluscums, and kept them from spreading. When she had molluscums we used this cream after bath time in the evenings. In the mornings we would use the spray on most of the problem areas. Within a few weeks of using the product the exzema started clearing up and same with the molluscums. When we had our third daughter we didn't wait or try anything else. She started showing signs of exzema as baby as most do. We ordered this cream again since it worked so well when our second child was young. Within days of using this stuff her skin turned back to baby soft. All the dry scaly patches went away quick with her. We used to buy this product when it was only available from one seller in the U.S. Now it's on Amazon! It is expensive but very worth it.

Amazon Customer 29 December, 2015

Five Stars Helps my cracked skin,

H.A. 19 December, 2015

Is this stuff magic? I haven't had the issues with my behind since using this product. A little goes a long way, but if I run out I'd totally buy again.

T.F. 12 December, 2015

I am very grateful for this cream and do believe that is helps clear skin problems. I will continue to purchase this skin recovery cream, thank you for coming up with an outstanding and effective formula!

Tjb1_333. 9 November, 2015

This product really works! Hope the makers continue to produce such an amazing cream! Worked on rash/eczema breakout. Notice a significant reduction in redness and scaring within the first 3 days of use. Thanks.

Amazon Customer 22 October, 2015

Using this product is saving my skin. Corticosteroids for my eczema made my eczema worse and expanded it from my ankle up my leg. It also made my skin like paper. This product stopped the itching and is healing my skin.

K.G.A. 17 October, 2015

Five Stars - Worked like a charm for my anal fissures.

C.C. 16 October, 2015

I'm very impressed with this product I noticed improvement in my hangnails as soon as the next day after first use. I have been dealing with hangnails for years. I just thought it was something that I have to live with. But after one use of Dr Wheatgrass my hangnails cleared up. I bought this product for my mother to use after radiation therapy; it worked for her, too. The red, irritated skin became cool and calm after just one use. She used it every day during her radiation treatment and she never got blisters or burned skin.

N.M. 11 September, 2015

This is a superb product. A+

Chris. 6 September, 2015

Very good product, works every time.

N.S. 13 August, 2015

Works good. I use it after shaving and my face feels great.

Goodhewon. 29 July, 2015

Go get some ...Works great!!! .

C.S.12 July, 2015

Five Stars – excellent

J.S. 10 July, 2015

Really helped with post-natal healing, when nothing else was working. This was my last resort before considering seeing a surgeon, so I am a very satisfied customer.

E.M. 2 July, 2015

Works great! I've used this product before and have had wonderful results. It is a life saver.

Flakhound. 1 July, 2015

Five Stars -This product is amazing for healing many skin issues--e.g., pimples, mosquito bites, rash, itching, etc. I highly recommend it!

B.M. 22 June, 2015

Five Stars Awesome product

D.P. 11 June, 2015

Excellent cream. Works great on any skin irritation and clears it up quickly.

D.E. 11 June, 2015

I LOVE Dr .wheatgrass, I have been using it for years and LOVE it! My skin has really improved and we use it for sunburns, bug bites, scrapes, bruises etc etc.

E.R. 10 June, 2015

Have only used for fissure issues, but has worked amazingly well. I was skeptical because of the price, but it has saved so much when you consider potential doctor visits, prescriptions, and other remedies that don't work. Excellent product.

M.M. 9 June, 2015

Helped control my molluscum. Most products were drying my skin out these not only helped control my molluscum but moisturized my skin.

J.C. 26 May, 2015

Dr. Wheatgrass really helps my son's eczema. We use it everyday and it helps keep flare-ups under con

A.O. 24 May, 2015

Five Stars it's so amazing , i love it

Zinah. 17 May, 2015

Absolutely amazing. Cleared up my son's condition in one week - even our pediatrician, who had recommended this product, was surprised that this cream was so effective in such a short time. I continue to use it on my son 1 - 2 times a week for the "just in case"! 🙂 Will definitely order more!

C.M. 27 April, 2015

Five Stars This is the first cream that helped with my psoriasis spots!

I.J. 12 April, 2015

Your product works wonderfully on a chronic fissure I have been suffering with for the past several years. When I get flare ups I use it and within a couple of days it is healed. I highly recommend this cream!

D.R. 6 April, 2015

This cream is amazing my daughter had a skin condition molisculium (not sure if spelled right) which are bumps with white heads. They where all on the truck of her body we tried everything nothing seemed to work. When I did some research I found this cream Dr. Wheatgrass it was a miracle cream healed up completely. I am a believer of this cream thank you Dr. Wheatgrass!!

V.S. 6 April, 2015

Helps damaged skin heal faster - Ive only been using this for about 2 weeks but so far it seems to be healing my acne about 2 days quicker than if i did nothing or used another product. I will keep using it to see if it continues to help my skin.

A.S.K. 3 April, 2015

Amazing Best stuff on the planet

Lady. 21 March, 2015

Five Stars very good.works.

A.D. 16 March, 2015

I have purchased this product many times and have used it successfully on my wife's Eczema. Great product, albeit expensive, so use sparingly!

G.B. 7 March, 2015

Five Stars Great product Worked for me

J.W. 28 February, 2015

It really helped heal a wound I had much faster, previously the cut kept reopening but after putting the wheatgrass cream on it healed finally after 2 weeks.

Elias. 25 February, 2015

Five Stars - This stuff is good for irrritations!

N.E. 16 December, 2014

Fantastic creme for fissures that don't respond to other cremes.

L.G. 9 December, 2014

Dr. Wheatgrass really works!! Both of my boy/girl twins had moluscum, and this product really works! The spray worked really well for my daughter, but wasn't working at all for my son. I then tried the product you can buy over the counter in the drug stores, but it didn't work at all. I then figured I would try the cream as a last resort, and after about a week of applying it every night at bedtime the molluscum finally started to disappear. At first it makes the molluscum worse - it turns bright red, and gets a white pimple head on top. Then by the next day it improves drastically each day thereafter. My son had about 10 bumps all over his tummy and neck, and now they are all gone. This stuff is well worth the money!!

Mom of 7 year old twins - 2 December, 2014

Love it. Does a great job healing skin issues. Excellent for most ripped skin issues, fissures, etc. Heals right up, quickly. A little "minty" feeling, but that goes away very quickly.

J.L. 4 November, 2014

Brilliant. I have facial cancer surgery - a long, narrow scar. a friend suggested Dr. Wheatgrass and the scar is barely noticed. I use it every day on my whole face and my skin has improved no end. I am 81! can you believe you can look a little younger with Dr. Wheatgrass? Amazing stuff. I have my friends use it too, have told my doctor about it, rather than the cream suggested at $200! I use the spray too. My best friend had facial cancer surgery too and uses it on other scars. astounding. ten stars!

B.L. 25 September, 2014

Natural help for skin problems - I received this last week and apply it twice a day and my skin problem is already improving. I hope it continues and in a few months, I have no skin problem.

Kathy. 24 September, 2014

Five Stars Great cream

Changalvez. 7 August, 2014

Five Stars Excellent

Judyo. 17 July, 2014

I like this cream a lot and found it to be very gentle for my ultra sensitive skin. I did not realize it had other purposes besides face cream. It would also be a good cream for burns and irritations.

R.G. 17 May, 2014

It is a miracle product dr wheat grass changed my life used the spray to clear up my sons mollescum and use it on family acne the only thing that works on healing all skin ailments i have reccomended it to my opera students for their back and face acne this man is brilliant i would do a commercial if i could and definitely would be a distributor if i could here on the east coast

M.K. 5 May, 2014

Definitely a product kept in our house! I chose a five star rating because of the quality of the product and how it has Truly worked for all of our household. Even cancelled a surgery for fissures that disappeared because of dedicatedly using the product at the same time every AM and PM and prayer! Yes, this product is also used as a face moisturizer and more! Let's just say "IT WORKS FOR US,!" Note: Patience with this product will prove it works as long as you are faithful with using it as sometimes it may seem like weeks/months go by and then ONE DAY~ You realize it DID WORK! [Remember, we are ALL made Uniquely different from each other]. Thanks Dr. Wheatgrass for this amazing product. 😛 Always like ordering thru Amazon! It was exactly what I was expecting after months of researching ! I would recommend this to anyone checking this product out except you "have to actually USE the product and do it everyday, I did it twice a day, at the same time, everyday," Or it will not work for you!

H.L.W. 3 January, 2014

This stuff is amazing! This is my first item to ever review on amazon. I bought this for an anal fissure and after two weeks it's almost gone! I decided to also try it on my face for acne and it has helped so much. All my existing acne has gone away, the scarring is improving, and my face is noticeably softer. I am so happy that something natural is working because I'm also trying to get pregnant and don't want to put a bunch of scary chemicals in my body. Thank you Dr. Wheatgrass!! Your products rock!

K.C. 12 March, 2013

Best eczema treatment I have found. I get eczema around my lips in the winter and I get bright red outline around my lips. I tried Eucerin and it did little. I have used Dr Wheatgrass' cream for several years and it works wonders. The red vanishes and the dry end of my nose is soft again. Best product I have tried. It's great for dry skin also.

A.B. 20 January, 2013

After 1 month of using this cream on my daughter, it was completely gone. She had the mollescum for over a year and every Dr. said there was no treatment. They are wrong! This cream works wonders. Love it!

K.R.N. 26 November, 2012

WONDERFUL FOR MOLLUSCUM! I bought this product after trying several other solutions for my 2 year old daughter's Molluscum contagiosum. I had been told my 4 doctors I had to just wait for it to go away, but after 8 months and it covering half of her body I was determined to find another solution. 2 other treatments I found online did nothing to stop the spread of the bumps. It took about 4 to 6 weeks,but this product made the bumps GO AWAY!! I am so so happy and my daughter finally looks like the beautiful little girl she is instead of a red blotchy mess. THANKS SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS PRODUCT!!

B.T. 16 November, 2012