Cold sores/herpes simplex (5 testimonials)

Good product

I’ve been using this product for awhile & it helps heal all sorts of skin irritations. Last week I used it on a cold sore & was amazed how it healed me so quickly. I’ll keep on purchasing.(cream)

P.D. USA. 2 July, 2021

Works Great for Cold Sores!

I've suffered from cold sores for many years, and have gone through just about every OTC and prescription treatment option available. Prior to trying out the Dr. Wheatgrass Superbalm, I had been using either Zovirax or Abreva. Both of these medications work, but they have to be applied as soon as you start feeling the "tingle"- otherwise they don't help at all. You would basically have to keep it with you at all times "just in case," which just isn't very practical. Most of the time, my cold sores come on while I'm at work and don't have the medication handy. And by the time I get home, it's already too late. Lastly, Zovirax and Abreva are insanely expensive for what you get.

I decided to give Dr. Wheatgrass a chance, since I had read about folks having success using it to treat cold sores. Since purchasing the Superbalm I've had 2 cold sores pop up. Both times I was at work, and unable to treat immediately. I decided to still apply the balm when I got home to see what would happen (by then, the sore was already visible). Both times, the cold sores went away within 24-48hrs.- no pain, no blistering, no scabbing. This stuff is a miracle-worker! I imagine if I was able to apply it at first tingle, the sore would never even be visible.

IMO, there is no better treatment for cold sores than this. Plus, it's way cheaper per ounce than the other medications. If I was to only use the Superbalm for cold sores, one tube would probably last dang near forever. I highly recommend this product!

Amazon Customer. USA. 13 January, 2021

I have a very long history of cold/fever blisters coming up on my lips. This usually happens when there are significant temperature changes in the air or in the weather, or if there is some stressful life event going on. My 5 year old daughter has the same issue I have with these fever blisters. They come up on the lips multiple times per year. A few months ago, I purchased the Dr. Wheatgrass Superbalm, and have been using it on many different things. One thing especially we have used it on, is on the lips when I see the redness coming on and can feel the start of a fever blister. I rub it into the spot, and I kid you not, the next morning the blister never shows up and the redness almost fully disappears. This Superbalm works the same for my daughter's start of fever blisters as well! I am so excited and relieved. Neither one of us have had even one fever blister fully develop since we have started using the Superbalm. Thank you

Anna. USA. 21 July, 2019

Hi, I have to say that using super balm in the early tingle stage of a cold sore resulted in the cold sore not going the full lip tightened as it started to swell but I kept applying small amounts of super balm and stopped the cold sore from developing any further...usually once they start nothing stops them...even that expensive tiny tube of cold sore cream voirax (or whatever it is called)...wheat grass did the trick. I have been using super balm for a couple of years now and I absolutely believe there is no aliment it can't eliminate all together or lessen the is pure has helped my grand sons when they were teething...adults the first sign of a sore throat, I rub it into my just helps everything... Thank you for this marvellous product...

K.A. Australia. 5 April, 2015

I have had herpes since I was 19 years old. I have it both orally and vaginal.  I used to take the medicine that doctors would prescribe when I had an outbreak UNTIL I discovered wheatgrass.  It is a blood cleanser and since the virus is omitted into the bloodstream the wheatgrass knocks it right out of my system. I haven't taken the meds prescribed by physicians in over 6 years.  I decided to just try it one day and it knocked it out within a 2 day time period. I give praise to wheatgrass and all it's health benefits.

R.P. USA. 21 October, 2010