Chafing & bleeding skin (3 testimonials)

I had bad peeling of my hands with splitting and bleeding Dr Wheatgrass is fantastic no more spliting or bleeding and mild peeling within 2weeks of first use.

D. R. Australia. 8 April, 2013

Our aunt/sister had a skin condition that made the skin on her fingers peel, bleed, and chafe. We sampled the Wheatgrass Active Recovery Cream and we began to see results instantly. Her hands are now beautiful. Now we all use the cream, and we love it.

The P Family. Victoria, Australia. (Countersigned by a JP)

My mum has on a couple of occasions had really bad chaffing under her bust line, and under her stomach where she has had an operation, the other day it was raw, red and very inflamed. I sprayed the wheatgrass on the area, which did sting on the initial applications. But within 3 days, (using the spray morning and night after a shower), it has totally recovered, the redness is now just a light brown colour, but the result is really amazing. I suggest other people use it for chaffing. It really works, and will continue using it as a preventative.

C. Wellington. New Zealand. 17 March, 2008