Cellulitis (1 testimonal)

Seeing this post made me remember that my lower back was sore this morning and I rubbed some SuperBalm on the area. It took seeing this to make me remember I had done that, because it isn’t sore anymore. I use it regularly on sore muscles and sprains, and even a small amount around my lips for the chronic eczema that bothers me year round, but I wanted to mention another use that I found remarkable. In May, I got cellulitis in my right hand and forearm after being bit by one of my cats. The antibiotics got the infection out of my body, but the cellulitis caused my arms and hand to itch uncontrollably. Scratching resulted in welts that became bloody and left scars. I tried some SuperBalm and rubbed a thin coating over the affected area. The itching stopped immediately. The balm also accelerated the healing of the area. The itching is still there, so I treat the area twice a day and I have no problems. I’ve tried a couple times to see if I can get by without it and the itching started up again terribly. I’ll keep using it until I know the cellulitis is completely gone. I highly recommend the SuperBalm.

A.B. 20 December, 2018 Dr Wheatgrass Facebook Comment