Autism testimonials (2)

'I have a child with autism, and from my experience and that of other parents of children with this problem, it seems these children’s bodies have issues detoxing properly. They have problems with methlyation and sulphanation, which are processes of detoxing and repairing the body. So that causes their body not to rid iteself of heavy metals like mercury, antimoney, copper, etc. They have limited diets due to sensory problems so they don’t get enough nutrients to help their bodies function properly or detox. Most of them also have heavy bacterial and yeast overgrowths, in addition to gut dysbiosis. So their bodies are overwhelmed with toxins, cannot detox properly, and their digestive systems do not absorb nutrition properly.

Wheatgrass akalizes the body and kills off harmful bacteria like clostridia and yeast. It is full of nutrients, antioxidents, and phytonutrients, and if taken in liquid form can be more easily absorbed by the body. It has been proven to help with digestive/intestinal issues like ulcerative colitis, which some severely autistic children have. On top of it all, wheatgrass purifies the blood and promotes healthy cellular growth.

How could that not be helpful to a very sick child?

Come to my house and meet my 6 yr old boy with autism. His ears turn red during cleansing baths and after eating certain foods. This does not happen to his brother, who is not autistic. He has leaky gut syndrome, and has to take enzymes after meals to break down his food, because he has trouble absorbing proteins, carbs, and other nutrients. He cannot digest milk or wheat proteins because his body lacks the enzymes to break them down.

Mr. Scientist, come see my son after he eats these things, because he acts crazy and out of control. Maybe you will change your mind that enzymes are useless. I know his father did.

My son has had a huge improvement in reduction of autistic behaviors, temper tantrums, and hyperactivity since we started giving him a formula w/ wheatgrass each morning. On the days he doesn’t have it, things are much rougher.'

R. M. November 30th, 2010

From Michael Shermer - Wheatgrass Juice & Folk Medicine

We give our autistic child wheatgrass amongst other things. Totally believe in it!

J. M. Australia. 12 August, 2014 (Dr Wheatgrass Facebook)