Anxiety & mood testimonials (3)

I just wanted to write to say thankyou for your excellent products and informative website. I have been giving my toddler supershots and wheatgrass spray for about 6 weeks and her skin is 2 to 3 times better. She still has eczema but it doesn't seem to bother her much and she sleeps through the night. But most importantly she seems so much happier, her mood has improved by leaps and bounds. She used to be sad and grizzly a fair bit of the time but now she is more outgoing and happy almost all the time.

A. Australia. 8 February, 2009

Hello Dr.! I was wondering if you would know why chlorophyll is effective in treating anxiety and increasing attention? It was quite by accident that I found chlorophyll to have this therapeutic effect. I found a reference to chlorophyll (wheatgrass, chlorella) in a juice fasting book. I was beginning a fast (Master Cleanse) and decided to add chlorophyll to my morning drink. I was absolutely amazed at how relaxed I became! I was also able to concentrate much more effectively. Since then I've switched to Mega Chlorophyll by World Organic 100mg capsules twice daily. I have bipolar disorder and ADD and have been 100% more successful in turning in assignments on time at school. I've been using the chlorophyll for about a year now in tandem with my prescription meds. I raved on and on about it so much that my mom tried it as well (she's a worrier) and it has also decreased her anxiety. I haven't been able to find any studies or references to chlorophyll in treating anxiety. Perhaps it's time to begin some research? Thanks!

K. 28 November, 2008

I have taken your Supershots for the last month and keep saying to family & friends how much better I feel! I am not doing anything different than what I was prior to taking the supershots, so I can only come to the conclusion it must be your wonderful formulation. I am a
dedicated user of your products and can't live without them!! 

C. H. Australia. 23 February, 2009