Anti-ageing wheatgrass extract testimonials (7)

Wonderful for small wrinkles, eczema, and molluscum warts! We noticed a difference in just a week
Steph. USA. Amazon Customer 24 October, 2017

The best skin product ever!
I've been using Dr Wheatgrass cream and gel for over 15 years, started using them when living in Australia. Best cream for any skin condition. And the best anti-aging cream ever!
lamb-deir. October, 2017.  Reviewed on

I like the anti aging benefits of Superbalm and the energy and health benefits of Dr. Wheatgrass shots. I find these products to be beneficial to my health.
Amazon Customer. 4 June, 2017

I have very sensitive skin on my face. Everything I have put on has damaged it. Until now!!! I dabbed Dr. Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream, and would you believe it, after about 30 days or one tube of cream, my face appears to be younger, the skin is much better, although I have quite a way to go. I re-ordered another tube, I feared I would run out.
C.G. 1 August, 2013 Thanks to Amazon

Thinking I was developing a skin cancer on my shoulder, I took myself to the GP to check out the painless, red, raised mark. He diagnosed me with seborrheic keratosis, a large "sign of ageing" which would eventually turn dark brown.

Horrified at this "sign of ageing" I started applying the wheatgrass recovery cream morning and night, and even to my surprise, it disappeared completely. Even more surprising was my GP when I showed him next time I was in his office.

R. A. Australia. 27 August, 2010

I have been using this product for two weeks on my hands. I have brown age spots and two of them were raw and wouldn't heal. I was going to go to the doctor to get them removed but tried the Recovery cream first. The raw age spots have healed and all the age spots on my hands are very faded and some are gone. So I will buy this product again and continue to use it. I am also now applying it to my face and my skin looks and feels much better.  
S.S. 7 January, 2010 Thanks to Amazon

Hi Dr. Chris, thought you might be interested to hear my recent experience with your Skin Recovery Cream.

I had read some interesting reports on your forum re. the effectiveness of your extract on skin conditions. Merely as an experiment, I began applying your cream to a keratosis on my right temple. I've had it for about 10yrs, and it started as a 'freckle', but developed into a 12mm diameter dark, and crusty 'growth'. My skin cancer specialist said it was OK, it wasn't cancer, and that I'm just getting old. (53yrs of age.)

To cut a long story short, I've applied your cream to it 14 times in total, sporadically I must admit, and now it's barely visible. My wife is amazed. So am I. Before, it was at least 2mm high, and now after a couple of weeks, my wife puts on a dab of the cream for me to rub in, because I can't feel where it was anymore! My only regret is that I started this so casually, I didn't even think to take a photo of it before I started application of the Skin Recovery Cream. I would urge others to take a pic of any intended site of application before-hand, in case they get similar results to mine. My wife now applies it to her face every night, and puts it on my moles on my face.
My wife wanted me to have surgery to remove the keratosis, as she said it was so outstanding visually, but the skin specialist refused.

Now it's gone, after an unbelievably small number of applications. I am amazed. Thanks Dr. Chris, I hope this information is of some use to you, and others.

B. R. Australia. 9 May, 2009