Anal fistula testimonials (7)

I had issues a few years back on this subject. Of course, surgery was recommended. Started using the Recovery cream and never looked back. It was truly a miracle. Within a few days, the fissure healed and such relief! I ALWAYS keep a tube on hand just in case. To find something that can be used externally to heal some internal issue is beyond relief. HIGHLY recommend this cream and have done so to many people - all say they got excellent results. Thank you so much!

C. M. 21 October, 2019. Reviewed on

As of now my anal fistula surgery has been put on the back burner for now it really has been helping calm and heal as well as put surgery off for now and I'm praying for good !!!TO BE CONTINUED :+1::pray:

A. K. October, 2019. Reviewed on

I tried everything to heal my fistula but nothing worked. Dr.Wheatgrass skin recovery cream is marvelous. I would recommend it to anyone. Great cream! ! Even avoided surgery.

B. K. USA. 7 July, 2018

My nightmare is OVER!! What started off as an abscess on my left bum cheek was later diagnosed as an anal fistula at a colon and rectal specialist. Of course the specialist recommend surgery which would have costed THOUSANDS, risked incontinence and left scarring . So I took to the internet and stumbled upon videos of treatment in India. I even went so far as to speaking with a travel agent and was ready to spend THOUSANDS on treatment there. Needless to say i didn't have that kind of money So back to the internet i went searching for a more cost effective natural treatment. 2 weeks later I came across the I figured i may as well invest $30 bucks and give it a shot after reading all the testimonials on healed fissures and fistulas.

And Praise God I did. 10 days after injecting the cream via insulin syringe the puss and weeping has almost COMPLETELY ceased! The inflammation and pain I used to have when sitting long periods of time is now a painful memory! I am forever greatful for the Skin Recovery Cream. I use it for every skin issue too-acne, sunburn, dry skin. This is truely a miracle working product! I injected it up (where the sun don't shine) & paired it with topical oil of oregeno oil (it'll burn/sting on sensitive areas so I just rubbed it ontop.

And I used an infrared light laser twice daily after injections to help the Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream penetrate deeper into the tissue. (I used safety goggles to protect my eyes from the light of course) and now only about 10 days in to this regimen I feel I am finally getting my life back! I can actually wear a swimsuit this summer! Even the scarring from when i first had my incision & drainage has been minimized! I am ordering the wheatgrass shots and another bottle of the Recovery Cream in just a few minutes! If you are suffering from an anal fistula (mine was 6cm long btw and now I can barely feel the tunnel) please ORDER this product and give it an honest shot! You may be as surprised as I!

B. D. USA. 14 April, 2017

From a Doctor

Hullo Dr.Chris a patient of mine recently had great success with your creams in treating her chronic anal fistula. It was so wonderful to see her recovery.

Dr. R. D. Australia. 14 October, 2010

Just to let you know...I had a fistula and it was totally healed by your recovery cream. I cant believe it worked but i was amazed.

C. B. USA. 30 January, 2010

WO HOO! The surgeon says “no surgery” !! I have managed the fistula so well with pulped wheat grass compress and your cream that he can’t even feel the fistula channel any more (its healing closed after just 12 days) and does not see any infection. So he says “just keep an eye on it.” Of course he had no comment regarding my self treatment. I showed him a picture of what it looked like at the beginning (10/9/2009) with the white build up around the opening (which is all gone now). No comment.

D. W. USA. 23 October, 2009