Acanthosis nigricans testimonial (1)

I was born with one of the most embarrassing and possibly the worst skin condition there is. It's called Acanthosis Nigrican. My normal skin color is very light and the Acanthosis is extremely noticeable. The acanthosis covers about 80 percent of my body and I've never been able to take off my shirt in public or wear a t-shirt due to my Acanthosis Nigrican condition. I always have to wear long sleeves during the hot NYC summer time to cover myself, and believe it or not, people stare at me less with long sleeves than me wearing short sleeves.

I had tried several dermatologists and many different types of creams, including Salicylic Acid Lotion and nothing has worked for me. The doctors have no explanation to what is causing the Acanthosis Nigrican because I'm not overweight. The Doctors just keep telling me that I just have to learn to live with Acanthosis.

After years of reading about Acanthosis on the internet and looking for some kind of cure, I stumbled across this miracle cream and I must say WOW! I had used this Antioxidant Skin Recovery Cream for only one week and the results are just incredible!

I'-m not 100% Acanthosis free, but I'm definitely improving and I'm hoping to give more positive updates about this cream, since I had only used it for only one week. I definitely recommend this cream to every one!

C. G. USA. 26 May, 2010