Cancer: Cell death induced by wheatgrass extract

Wheat sprout extract-induced apoptosis in human cancer cells by proteasome modulation.

Bonfili, L., Amici, M., Cecarini, V., Cuccioloni, M., Tacconi, R., Angeletti, M., Fioretti, E., Keller. JN., Eleuteri, AM. Biochimie, 2009 Sep;91(9):1131-44.

Background:  Proteasomes are clusters of proteins found in all human cells—the function of the proteasome is to break down unnecessary or damaged proteins in the cell. Proteasomes are important in the regulation of cell growth because they can break down and destroy the proteins that cause unregulated cell growth—cancer.  Also, proteasomes can regulate the proteins that can cause cell death by the process known as apoptosis.  In cancer cells, proteasomes can be used to force the cells into apoptosis.

Laboratory Study:  The researchers looked at the ability of wheat sprout extract to influence proteasomes in cancer cell lines.
Conclusions:  Wheat extract and components of wheat extract were able to have an effect on proteasomes that resulted in increased death of cancer cells.