Breast cancer. Wheat germ can have positive effects

Wheatgerm exerts high anti-cancer activity against Triple Negative HCC-38 human breast cancer cells.

Bago-Horváth Z, Forstner B, Kalipciyan M, Bedeir A, Grusch M, Komina O, Wesierska-Gadek J, Szekeres T, Hidvégi M, Mader R (2011): Favourable anti-cancer activity of fermented wheat germ freeze-dried extract (Avemar lyophilisate) in triple-negative breast cancer cells. Ann Oncol. 22(S2):ii54-7.


The fermented wheat germ extract (Avemar) is capable of killing certain cells (cytotoxic effects) and reducing the spread of cancer cells. In Estrogen Responsive MCF-7 breast cancer cells, it has been shown to support the drug, Tamoxifen in causing cancer cell death. However, its effects in Triple-Negative and Her2-Overexpressing breast cancer cells and interactions with chemotherapy have not been previously investigated until now.

Results & Conclusions:
Invasive capacity of breast cancer cells was inhibited by Avemar in all three cancer cell lines investigated in a dose-independent manner. Avemar exerts highest anti-cancer activity against triple negative HCC-38 human breast cancer cells. Due to its likely clinical activity against this human malignancy, researchers advised further investigation of Avemar in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.