Wound healing, growth factors & chlorophyll

Chlorophyll. An experimental study of its water soluble derivatives in wound healing.

Smith L, Livingston A. Chlorophyll.  Am. J. Surg. 1943. 62:358-369

Wound healing involves an inflammatory (exudative) phase and a proliferative tissue growth and repair phase that presumably involves growth stimulating factors.

This study tested various water soluble chlorophyll preparations and other agents including vitamin ointments and sulfathiazole on wounds created by excising portions of skin from rats, guinea pigs, rabbits and dogs. Response in rate of healing tended to be greater for chlorophyll than with other agents tested (the data is summarized in
several tables not reproducible here).

On the basis of these observations it is suggested that chlorophyll preparations should be used much more extensively in the treatment of wounds and burns.