Chlorophyllin stimulates production of blood elements

The effect of experimental anemia of radioactive Co60-Chlorophyllin, its distribution in the body and the therapeutic effect of Co-Chlorophyllin on anemia.

Tamura K. 1959. Keio J.Med. (Japan). Vol.36 (View abstract)

When 5 mg of non-radioactive Co-chlorophyllin was injected before irradiation, inhibition of the decrease in the blood cell counts and promotion of recovery were more marked than in controls receiving no injections. Co-chlorophyllin increased the leucocyte count and hemoglobin content in rats and directly or indirectly stimulated
hematopoiesis (blood formation). The radioactive Co-chlorophyllin was accumulated and was stored for a long time mostly in the reticulo-endothelial system (RES) such as the liver, spleen, and bone marrow. Co-chlorophyllin was injected intravenously in 200 cases of malignant tumor treated with irradiation. Compared with those in 70 cases treated with radiation alone, the increase in the hemoglobin content, erythrocyte, and leucocyte counts was more marked, and the inhibition of decrease in the blood cell counts was also stronger than in the uninjected group.