Heart damage repaired by wheatgerm & echinacea

Avemar (wheatgerm) and Echinacea extracts enhance mobilization and homing of CD34+ stem cells in rats with acute myocardial infarction. 

Abdelmonem M, Kassem SH, Gabr H, Shaheen AA, Aboushousha T. Stem Cell Research & Therapy 6:172. (2015)

Both Avemar (wheatgerm) and echinacea extracts stimulate stem cells to repair damage from heart attack in rats.

Background: Activation of the body's stem cells can contribute to heart muscle regeneration after injury from heart attack and lack of blood supply. This study aimed to evaluate the possible role of Avemar or Echinacea extracts in the direction of stem cells (type, CD34(+)) in relation to the small signalling proteins (cytokines) involved in processes of inflammation and formation of blood components. This study was applied to rats suffering from heart attack (acute myocardial infarction (AMI)).

Results: Rats pre-AMI and post-treated with Avemar or Echinacea exhibited substantial increases in the number of circulating stem cells (type CD34(+)). Both treatments modified cytokine levels differently but did not affect the level of interleukin-8 (small signalling protein in Chemokine category). These results were supported by tissue analysis showing reduced inflammatory reactions and formation of new blood vessels.

Conclusion: Avemar and Echinacea extracts can effectively direct CD34(+) stem cells to the damaged heart muscle tissue and therefore may help with regeneration.