Dr Chris Reynolds
Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

Born May, 26, 1941. Perth, Western Australia.

On turning 16, Dr. Chris joined the British Merchant Navy (Blue Funnel Line) as an apprentice navigating officer. After travelling the world for 7 years, he decided to leave the sea and study medicine instead, gaining entry to the Medical School of the University of Western Australia in 1966.

Graduating M.B.,B.S. (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) in 1973, he spent most of his professional career in family medicine in Perth and Melbourne. In 1989, he worked for the International Organisation for Migration in Hong Kong assessing Vietnamese refugees for resettlement, followed by a year in Moscow (1983) overseeing medical assessments of Jewish migrants destined for the United States.

Returning to family medicine in Perth, in 1985, Dr. Chris used his Perth winebar, "Riccardo's" to help forgotten and unemployed classical pianist, David Helgott regain self-confidence and self-respect. This story was later told (albeit incorrectly) in the Academy Award winning movie "Shine", starring Australian actor Geoffrey Rush as David.

In 1995, after moving to Melbourne,  a remarkable healing response to a wheatgrass plant extract reignited Dr. Chris' interest in practising medicine. Ever since, he has used the extract successfully to assist healing of a broad spectrum of medical conditions and injuries - such as molluscum contagiosum, diabetic foot ulcers and burns.

Dr. Reynolds is now well known for his clinical and scientific knowledge of wheatgrass extract and its use as a natural healing agent.


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"Wheatgrass is a medically important and highly effective natural healing agent."
Dr. Chris Reynolds. (1995)

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