Molluscum contagiosum in a young child before operation

This heart-rending tale is from a very worried mother.

Her 2 year old daughter was due to have open-heart surgery before Christmas. i.e. five weeks away. She had severe molluscum contagiosum on her chest, and the surgeon would not operate until the virus was cleared up.

(Molluscum is a very common, highly contagious but harmless viral infection mainly affecting young children. It usually disappears spontaneously within a year or two, but can be quite difficult to eliminate).

The girl was then referred to a dermatologist who applied a wart paint to the spots. This was excruciatingly painful and the skin blistered where the paint had been applied. Wheatgrass extract was applied on alternate days instead, where it usually takes around four to ten weeks to eliminate the molluscum spots.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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