Acne of longstanding heals with wheatgrass

What is acne?

Acne is due to a disturbance of sebaceous (oil) glands which are under hormonal control and wheatgrass can influence or modulate this mechanism for the patient’s benefit. It may take several months of regular (twice weekly) application, but it often works well with perseverance.

This young woman suffered from chronic acne for 10 years. Note marked skin disfigurement on her chin. (Fig. 1.)

Various skin applications, antibiotics and anti-acne drugs did little to improve her condition.

By contrast, after only six weeks’ treatment with wheatgrass extract, her skin has almost returned to normal. (Fig. 3.)

Note: It is important not to overtreat with wheatgrass. Also, apply only on alternate days for best results – and persevere.

View a more severe acne case:

Dr. Chris Reynolds.