Alopecia areata. 9 y.o. child

Alopecia areata is quite a common condition that causes patchy and sometimes complete hair loss, usually from the scalp, but can affect any part of the body. It can occur at any age and is considered to be due to autoimmunity i.e. where the body’s immune system attacks and damages normal body tissues. In this case, it attacks the hair follicles or bulbs beneath the skin and “turns off” their abiltiy to grow.

About 50% of these patients recover spontaneously within 6 to 12 months, but many suffer the condition for years. There is reputedly no known cure, but I have increasing numbers of patients recovering completely using wheatgrass extract. The patient and/or carer however, needs to continue daily application for at least 12 months or longer. The case below emphasises the importance of perseverance when using wheatgrass for alopecia.

Recovery may be brought about in the same way that wheatgrass produces rapid healing of injured body tissues such as skin, muscle and bone following injury. Wheatgrass appears to contain hormone-like molecules that stimulate growth factor activity. Growth factors are essential for promoting cell division and proliferation and for immune stimulation. This may well create an environment for re-activation of dormant hair follicles and subsequent hair re-growth.

This young Australian boy lost most of his hair 5 years before treatment commenced using wheatgrass extract. His parents had spent a considerable amount on specialists fees and many different medications that failed to work.

Although the boy’s mother was skeptical, and at one stage was almost ready to give up, when some small tufts of hair began to appear after about 7 months daily application, she became more enthusiastic. Her patience clearly paid off.

The main lesson to learn from this and other cases of alopecia I have managed to recover with wheatgrass, is to PERSEVERE. It may take a year for hair recovery to occur, but it’s often worth the effort.

severe hair loss of 9 year old boy due to alopecia - pre wheatgrass treatment
August, 2007. Treatment commenced with daily wheatgrass extract.
alopecia areata: young boy's hair recovering after 8 months treatment with wheatgrass extract
March, 2008 – 8 months treatment with wheatgrass extract. New tufts of hair appearing.










hair recovery of child with alopecia areata after 9 months wheatgrass treatment
April, 2008 – 9 months – hair now covers most of scalp.
full recovery of hair in 9 year old boy after 11 months treatment with wheatgrass extract
June, 2008 – 11 months after commencement of treatment. Hair is robust, growing strongly and almost completely covering the scalp.











Mother’s comment:
“Everything continues to improve. F’s hair is growing strong and the gaps are slowly merging together. Still a way to go but on top of his head the hair is thick and healthy. We are all thrilled with the progress. He even shampooed his hair the other day,something he has not done in 4 years!!!!!

Dr. Chris Reynolds.