Immune system strengthened by wheatgrass extract

Wheatgrass can help modify auto-immune conditions

Based on numerous clinical observations for more than 25 years, wheatgrass has shown itself to enhance or strengthen one's immune system.

For instance, wheatgrass has helped many patients suffering from topical steroid withdrawal overcome severe symptoms caused by these immune system, skin-damaging drugs. If applied regularly to the steroid affected area(s), (once weekly), in time, the skin begins to recover - providing the steroid drugs have been ceased.

Also, autoimmune conditions occur when the body's immune system mistakenly produces antibodies that react negatively against normal cells. Wheatgrass taken regularly (even once weekly) can support this process.

Dangers of steroid drugs

The usual medical approach to autoimmune conditions is to use drugs such as cortico-steroids to suppress the body's immune response. This may seem to be a sensible thing to do, but over time,  considerable thinning of the skin can occur. In fact the whole body can be negatively affected by these drugs so that the "cure" is worse than the condition being treated.

As there are no drugs available that can reverse or overcome these symptoms, we must turn to  "alternative" remedies such as wheatgrass for a solution.

How does wheatgrass extract work?

Although this process is not fully understood, we know wheatgrass contains numerous ligands which are able to bind to a large variety of cell receptors which in turn produce neuro-transmitters that send signals to the central nervous system. (Read more on this topic.)

As I have observed on a number of occasions, overuse of wheatgrass can actually slow tissue recovery. The extract therefore needs to be used sparingly and infrequently - even once weekly or less, to achieve best results e.g. varicose/venous and diabetic foot/leg ulcers.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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