Accelerated animal wound healing by wheatgrass extract

Many uses of wheatgrass extract for animals from the late, highly esteemed, veterinary herbalist, Robert McDowell. Australia. (2003) 

A horse in a paddock will go to enormous lengths to puncture, rip, graze or tear itself open on anything it can find. It will also strike and bite at its neighbors and try to hang itself up the fences whenever it can. Horse owners constantly come upon the wounds inflicted by this behavior. I've found that wheatgrass can make life a lot easier!

I have been trialling a liquid product, (Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray) on a variety of open wounds over the past month and had phenomenal results. For instance:

>>A long term suppurating human breast cancer sore causing burning and discomfort and preventing sleep. Applied the wheatgrass spray and the burning sensation had almost gone in two days with the wound showing healing signs in a week. My patient is now sleeping better and responding well to my other herbal treatments. (View more articles on how wheatgrass can make a difference in breast cancer)

>>A weeping sore on the nose of a horse with cancer in the facial bones had a similar response to my breast cancer lady. The sore, which was not painful and showed no signs of healing whatsoever, immediately began to heal.

>>Fly bitten ears on a dog which weren't healing. They had to be bound to the dog's head to prevent it scratching. After wheatgrass spray, bandages off, itching stopped and healing started within the week.

>>Hobble sores in pacers healing well.

>> A Greyhound breeder with 120 odd pups and young dogs housed in groups was constantly faced with bites and scratches is using the wheatgrass spray as his first aid for all wounds. He simply walks around with his spray bottle at meal-times and sprays the liquid on every wound he sees! It is simpler and quicker to heal than anything he has ever used before.

We have a serious and simple treatment here folks! It should be in everybody's tack room, first aid kit and float.

I will be recommending it particularly to my Show Dog clients and my horse owners as it does offer a very simple and positive first aid response to all wounds.

Get a bottle as soon as possible and start using it.

Robert McDowell, Herbalist

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Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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