Wheatgrass can often do better than Big Pharma

Every day at work I see patients suffering from adverse effects due to pharmaceutical drugs such as immune suppression symptoms and allergic reactions.

For these patients, I often use a wheatgrass extract to help overcome their withdrawal symptoms or heal their wounds. For instance, steroid-dependent eczema, soft tissue injuries, burns, diabetic foot ulcers etc. No prescription is required, and side effects are rare.

Also, in these days of increasing medical costs, insurance premiums etc., wheatgrass can save the patient money.

For example, I have weaned numerous long-term eczema sufferers off topical steroids and other drugs with wheatgrass extract. In time, the skin regains normal structure and function. (View relevant article)

Of course, numerous oral and injectable drugs have saved millions of lives e.g. severe asthma, prevention of organ transplant rejection, reduction of mortality rate in leukemia etc.

Wheatgrass may not save many lives, but it can certainly improve one’s quality of life by eliminating steroid-dependent eczema and diabetic foot ulcers and many more conditions.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.