Molluscum contagiosum

Just wanted to drop you a line and say a huge thank you. Initially I thought my four year old daughter was developing skin tags, but very quickly the lumps and bumps quickly developed all over her stomach, groin and legs.  After one got badly infected she was diagnosed by the GP with molluscum. He gave her antibiotics for the infection and said it was common virus and we should wait it out.

Not happy with the possibility that it could take 18 months (or longer) to clear on its own and seeing it spread like wildfire, I spent a long time looking on the Internet for a solution. Entirely sceptical, but willing to give anything a go rather than watch the distress it was causing, I bought wheatgrass extract. I sprayed morning and night. After a week there was no real change, but it hadn’t become any worse either, around day 10 the molluscum very quickly started to crust over and dry out. At two weeks they were healing and flattening and now at week 4 all that is left are some red marks that are fading fast.

I could literally weep with relief – thank you so, so much. Photos attached – feel free to use.

R. R. Australia.

Abdomen 4 weeks before and after wheatgrass treatment

Molluscum contagiosum pre-wheatgrass extract.

4 weeks later. All lesions have completely disappeared.

Leg before and after 4 weeks wheatgrass treatment

Dr. Chris Reynolds