Molluscum contagiosum of childhood

We noticed our two sons had molluscum at Easter this year.  They looked like clear little bubbly blisters with a white dot in the centre.  I’d never heard of it before but the doc assured us it’s quite common – it’s just that people are so embarrassed about it and afraid of being isolated from social groups.  The doc told us it could take up to 2 years to get out of their system and that if you try to pop them, you’ll spread them as the core is where the virus lives.  If you burn or freeze them, you’re not treating the virus, just the symptoms so they end up coming up somewhere else.  The doc told us there was no treatment and to let it run it’s course.

But they’re really contagious (only if they come into contact with someone else’s skin) …and you can’t keep your child indoors for 2 years so we made sure the boys were always covered up and started looking for treatments on the internet – that’s when I came across all the testimonials for wheatgrass and I got really excited – here I am now telling everyone I know that it really does work.

Don’t wait for up to 2 years for the virus to run it’s course – at the expense of your child being teased/excluded at school…wheatgrass extract is the answer you’ve been looking for!!!  Praise God for beautiful natural wheatgrass!  The doc reckons my sons possibly picked the skin virus up in a public swimming pool – or at kindy/school.

We started our boys on the following treatment:

  • Using the topical wheatgrassextract morning and night,
  • Taking a multivitamin
  • Taking vitamin c
  • Fresh towels each night
  • No more baths – only showers
  • Fresh Pjs every night
  • Covering the red inflamed ones with a bandaid (for sensitive skin)

Regarding our 4 year old son – Within 6 weeks, his were all gone with no scarring…his had started out with 3 spots in a neat line and progressed quickly to possibly 30 spots on the left side of his chest/tummy, left arm, buttocks & left thigh…his was more widespread than our oldest son’s but cleared up quicker possibly because he was having the vitamin c as well as the multivitamin to boost his immune system.

Regarding our 6 year old son – (See photo 005 from 9/4/2010 taken when we began treatment).  Within 7 weeks, our 6 year old son’s had all been drawn out (see picture 027 from 28/5/2010) and then after 9&1/2 weeks they had all but cleared up (see picture 016 from 16/6/2010) – he was taking a multivitamin but not the vitamin c.  His started out with one spot on his back which I tried to pop – it not only caused my son pain but it made the virus spread…I then tried tea tree oil before finding out about the wheatgrass extract.

Send a link to this website to all the mums you know – it’s quite possible that some of their children have got this pesky virus and hopefully it will help to give hope to those mums who are beside themselves and feeling helpless when the doc tells them there’s no treatment.  And while you’re at it, if your doc told you there’s no treatment, print out these testimonials and take them to your doc so they will be able to better serve their community.

J. B.  Queensland, Australia. June, 2010

From Dr. Chris Reynolds’ Casebook