Infantile eczema: Topical steroid damage recovers

Infantile eczema (elbow). Almost healed in 3 weeks.

Fig. 1. Topical steroid skin damage. Wrinkled, thinning and scaling skin & inflammation (redness)

Fig. 2. TS ceased. 3 weeks after daily wheatgrass extract. Damaged skin almost recovered.

Same child. Infantile facial eczema

Topical steroid damage to facial skin.

After 3 weeks’ daily application of wheatgrass extract, the child’s skin has significantly improved.

Mother’s Testimonial

It’s been around 3 weeks after using the wheatgrass extract. I am amazed how strong the skin around his neck area and face has become. He still scratches but not as much as before using your products. He mainly scratches at night when his hungry or needs a nappy change. Before, he would easily get open wounds and the area starts to weep. He has not had any wounds since we started wheatgrass. His elbows are taking a bit longer to clear up but I believe given they will get better soon. The back of his knees are also getting much better. Just to let you know, I used the same products on my 4 year old daughter who has very bad eczema on the back of her knees. She always have open wounds on both legs and screamed whenever I bathe her. I started using the spray on her 2 weeks ago and her skin has improved a lot. Sometimes, almost as if she didn’t have eczema. My husband and I thought we will never find anything that can help our children’s condition get better. Even our friends noticed the improvement.

W. C. Australia. 10 May, 2016

Dr. Chris Reynolds comments:

This case of infantile eczema demonstrates how this condition can be successfully treated without resorting to using topical steroids which can lead to dependency or addiction and the “Red Skin Syndrome”.

The baby was initially treated with these drugs which is often the first step towards dependency in numerous young children and infants. Also, it is quite likely that many adults who still suffer so-called “eczema” are actually the victims of topical steroid withdrawal – that their “eczema” actually healed itself when they were young, but the dependency on TS remained.

Imagine how many babies are treated with these drugs. There must be millions of them at any given time around the world, and, in my pre-wheatgrass days, I was just as guilty as my medical colleagues for recommending hydrocortisone (a “weak” topical steroid) for babies and young children. I would never do that now, because wheatgrass can do just as good a job, but without adverse side effects.

The trouble with TS treatment is that the rash often clears up quickly and mother is happy until…. it flares again. More visits to the doctor are required and, as the rash becomes increasingly resistant to treatment, stronger topical steroids are prescribed. All this time, what is happening is that the TS are gradually thinning the skin (atrophy) which is now losing its ability to perform its numerous functions such as protecting the body from infection. The more the skin atrophies or thins out, the more difficult the problem becomes to control with medication and the harder it becomes to stop the TS.

This is why I use wheatgrass extract on infants and children with eczema and those with topical steroid withdrawal problems. It is a simple and natural way to control eczema outbreaks and helps the skin recover as shown in the photographs above.

Most, if not all infants with eczema should not be exposed to topical steroids of any kind. It is far better to seek a natural remedy that does no harm either to the baby’s skin or  immune system. Wheatgrass has filled these requirements in most of my patients and it is very safe to use on infant skin.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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