My first healing success with cereal grass (1995)

My (medical) eyes open…

1995 was the first time I ever used a herbal remedy – when I visited a bed-ridden patient at home.

In his nineties, Alan complained of a very painful ulcer on his ankle. It was covered by a thick crust that took several cleansing treatments a day to remove. He should have been in hospital, but given his poor state of health, (diabetes, emphysema, heart failure etc.), it was unlikely he would ever return if admitted. He knew this, and wouldn’t budge. But nor could I think of any possible way that I could help him.

Knowing patients were waiting for me at the clinic, I was under pressure to solve the problem. Then, I recalled a tube of cereal grass “healing cream” I had in my bag that was given to me to try, but because I was skeptical about herbal remedies, I forgot about it. But I needed a way out. So, I took a chance and gingerly applied a dash of cream to the crusted surface, covered it with a light dressing and promised to drop in the next day.

The following day…

… under a strong light, I gently removed the dressing from Alan’s ulcer.

“That’s a miracle!” I exclaimed. To my amazement, the crust had completely disappeared and the wound was spotlessly clean. It was as if someone had spent all night scrubbing the wound. When I shone a light obliquely across the base of the ulcer, I could see a thin layer like plastic film sealing the entire surface. It was as if a new layer of skin cells had grown across it overnight – and it had!

Having never seen such a healing phenomenon in my 25 years as a practising doctor, I knew I had stumbled on an important healing remedy.

“S’good that stuff Doc. That pain’s gone you know,” said Alan.

I was stunned. Arterial ulcers are notoriously painful and beyond treatment without resorting to strong pain-killers.

Two healing phenomena in an afternoon was too much to believe!

But how did they happen?

The ulcer didn’t heal completely, but that mattered little because the surrounding tissue paper-thin skin, (always a problem in healing leg ulcers) strengthened considerably over the next few weeks. Paper tape could then be used to fix the dressing in place. Also, Alan’s wife could dress the ulcer herself without having to resort to nursing assistance. No non-touch technique, face mask or special skills required!

From that day on, knowing the cream was safe, I began to test the cream on as broad a spectrum of medical conditions as I could. From burns, to fractures, to painful swollen joints and to earache in children. The responses to treatment were remarkable.

Also, given the often limited effects and adverse reactions of many pharmaceutical applications, wheatgrass has achieved better results overall – without side effects!

Dr. Chris Reynolds.