Diabetic foot ulcer responds well to wheatgrass

diabetic foot ulcer pre-wheatgrass
Fig. 1. Diabetic forefoot ulcer in a 49 yo male, present 4 YEARS. Unresponsive to orthodox treatment. Commenced daily application of wheatgrass extract. Note hematoma (blood clot) bulging upwards from ulcer centre.
diabetic foot ulcer after 2 weeks wheatgrass
Fig. 2. (Close-up) After two weeks’ application of wheatgrass extract.  Note hematoma has burst, blood clot resolved with new skin encroaching on ulcer surface around upper and central margins. Remaining ulcer surface well vascularised. (Good blood supply.)
diabetic wound healing wheatgrass
Fig. 3. 4 weeks. Wound is now completely debrided and closure is progressing.
diabetic ulcer healing with wheatgrass
Fig. 4. 6 weeks. Wound is beginning to dry and heal over. Unfortunately the patient was lost to follow-up, but wound filling and closure is clearly seen.

Dr. Chris Reynolds