Diabetic infected foot ulcer. A remarkable recovery by wheatgrass


infected diabetic foot wound healed with wheatgrass extract
Healing of infected diabetic foot ulcer with wheatgrass.

This patient had been a non-insulin dependent diabetic since 2008 – i.e. 10 years.

He accidentally trod on a nail and the wound became infected requiring extensive surgical removal of pus and dead tissue as seen in the picture of 19 July, 2018 – taken 7 days before the abscess was surgically drained. Wheatgrass extract was applied immediately after drainage, then once weekly until the wound healed.

Diabetics are highly prone to infection which is often difficult to eliminate often persisting for several years. Often there is no alternative but to amputate part or all of the foot.  

However, in this case, two months after the surgical drainage, (Day 52), this patient’s wound is clearly shrinking and pus is absent. After 5 months’ wheatgrass treatment, the wound has healed. Once weekly application was sufficient. In fact, over-treating can actually slow the healing process.

The patient, who was usually on his feet all day at work, and frequently travelling long distances, has done well.

I think we can safely say wheatgrass saved this man’s foot.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.