Animals. Large horse wound heals rapidly with wheatgrass

This horse suffered a large full thickness wound when skin was torn off by a sharp object protruding from a wire fence. In just 7 weeks after wheatgrass extract was applied twice weekly, significant healing is obvious. Note how clean the wound is, and with no sign of infection. Wheatgrass induces the wound surface to completely “seal over”. This then prevents infection by insects, bacteria etc. and accelerates the healing process.

Note at 7 weeks that the animal’s hair is completely covering the healed areas and there is no sign of scarring. According to the owner, this is an unusual phenomenon.

wheatgrass heals horse wound
Large open wound heals rapidly with wheatgrass extract. Note absence of infection, flies etc. because wheatgrass “seals” the wound surface preventing wound contamination.

Significant healing of wound and no infection at 3 weeks and complete hair regrowth with significant shrinkage of wound at 7 weeks.

wheatgrass heals horse wound
Equine wound at 10 weeks.
wheatgrass heals very large equine skin wound. Minimal scarring.
At 5 months, the wound is completely healed with minimal scarring and fully regrown hair covering the wound.











Dr. Chris Reynolds.