Animals: Large horse wounds heal quickly

Horse Wound # 1. Healed in 7 weeks

This horse suffered a large full thickness wound when skin was torn off by a sharp object protruding from a wire fence. In just 7 weeks after wheatgrass extract was applied twice weekly, significant healing is obvious. Note how clean the wound is, with no sign of infection. Wheatgrass induces the wound surface to completely “seal over”. This helps prevent infection by insects, bacteria etc. and accelerates the healing process.

Note at 7 weeks hair has completely covered the healed areas and there is no sign of scarring. According to the owner, this is an unusual phenomenon.


Rapid healing after large full thickness skin tear.

Significant healing of wound with no sign of infection after 3 weeks wheatgrass treatment showing complete hair regrowth with significant shrinkage of wound at 7 weeks.

The two photographs below at 10 weeks (L) and 5 months, show further healing with minimal scarring.

wheatgrass healing large equine wound
Equine wound at 10 weeks.
wheatgrass completely heals large horse wound
Wound completely healed at 18 weeks.

Horse Wound #2. Healed in 9 weeks

The carer of this injured horse treated at a ranch in Mexico reported - ”Today we rescued a 5 month old colt who had been attacked by dogs a few days ago. He had large infected wounds on both sides of his face and on his left front leg. The injury on the leg was so swollen that he couldn’t bend the knee joint."

"Anything white you see in the photos is a maggot or worm. When the wounds were sprayed post debridement with ether and iodine, thin white worms were crawling out of everywhere! He’s getting penicillin, an oral paste for inflammation and pain, and daily wound cleaning with hydrogen peroxide and iodine. The wound is packed daily with an antibiotic ointment.”

We sent the wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray to the ranch from Australia. We recommended applying the spray once daily and to not use dressings. Clearly, considering the severity of infection of the wound, wheatgrass did a great job:

Nowadays, after many more years experience of helaing wounds with the spray, we know it should only be applied weekly.

large, infected horse leg wound pre-wheatgrass
DAY 1. Maggot infested wound. Pre-wheatgrass.
large horse leg wound clean after 2 weeks application of wheatgrass extract
2 WEEKS. Wound completely debrided and filled with healthy, revitalised tissue.
large horse leg wound healing quickly with wheatgrass
4 WEEKS. Wound markedly contracted. New hair growth covers what would normally be scar tissue.
large horse leg wound almost completely healed by wheatgrass extract
9 WEEKS. Wound almost healed. Hair regrown. Minimal scarring.

Same animal. Horse jaw wound

large wound on horse's jaw pre-wheatgrass treatment
Full thickness wound pre-wheatgrass treatment.
large wound on horse's jaw healing with wheatgrass
Day 21. Wound is one quarter original size. Surface clean and dry.
large full thickness wound on horse's jaw healed completely in 7 weeks
Day 49. Wound completely healed. Scarring minimal.