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Many years of working medically with a wheatgrass sprout extract has firmly convinced me that it can improve virtually anyone’s state of health in some way.

For instance, wheatgrass can quite dramatically accelerate the healing of wounds, numerous skin conditions and injuries. It has even been used successfully many times to help overcome topical steroid addiction in patients suffering from the withdrawal effects of these drugs.

Wheatgrass can do all these things, but not for the main reasons bandied around by many wheatgrass enthusiasts, such as nutritional benefits. There is little nourishment, if any, in wheatgrass sprouts. Also, it is a false belief that chlorophyll can enhance the transport of oxygen in the blood, cleanse the liver etc. Chlorophyll is simply a plant pigment responsible for assisting oxygen production by plants –  but not in humans or animals! It does nothing to make you feel better or live longer!

However, for very different reasons, there are numerous ways wheatgrass (and other cereal grasses) can help heal or improve many conditions.

Also, by taking wheatgrass in any form, fresh juice, tablets, powder or liquid supplements and persevering with it, you can be almost certain you will improve your general health and wellbeing – but don’t take too much.  A little wheatgrass goes a long way.

Some things wheatgrass can do is strengthen your immune system, stimulate your bone marrow (to help normalise blood cell production), heal numerous physical conditions and help control conditions such as ulcerative colitis. Wheatgrass can also reduce negative side effects of chemotherapy and relieve the pain and heal burns caused by radiotherapy.

Slow healing leg ulcers, e.g. venous, arterial, diabetic – can all heal or be helped to heal naturally with just twice weekly application of wheatgrass extract.

There are many other ailments that wheatgrass can either heal or assist recovery.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.